What is Recruiting Acceleration? Definition, Best Practices, and How to Embrace the Power of AI to Revolutionize Your Staffing Firm [eBook]

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The world of staffing and recruiting has changed in recent years, with candidates now in the driver’s seat and expectations of instant communication and responsiveness becoming the norm.  In order to compete for top talent, it’s vital that your staffing firm stays ahead of the curve, leveraging the latest technology to enhance the recruiting experience. And the latest tech today … Read More

2023 is the Year of AI: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve and Accelerate Your Recruiting Experience

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In 2015, staffing firms were introduced to email and marketing automation. Those who stuck to manual emails or relied on the old-school smile-and-dial technique quickly fell behind their competitors.  In 2018, staffing firms were introduced to business text messaging, and while some firms were struggling to break through the noise of overcrowded email inboxes and leaving voicemails that prospects ignored, … Read More

Staffing Engine Announces OpenAI Integration to Accelerate Recruiting for Staffing Firms

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Staffing Engine Inc. (Boulder, CO) today announced its integration with OpenAI into their Recruiting Acceleration Platform. While most are familiar with ChatGPT, there are actually several AI models available from OpenAI to enable the next generation of software. Staffing Engine, through their exclusive partnership with award-winning partner Onereach.ai, has been beta members of OpenAI and its suite of powerful models … Read More

The Evolution of Sales and Recruiting Acceleration: How to Boost Your Staffing Firms Productivity in 2023

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The primary way to make each individual recruiter and sales rep more productive is to empower them with software to accelerate their workflow. But many staffing firms are stuck using their old playbooks of cold-calling and relying primarily on email automation to help accelerate their manual processes.   As technology – and on-demand consumer expectations – are changing rapidly, we wanted … Read More

3 Ways Recruiting Acceleration AI Helps You Connect with More Candidates and Make Placements Faster

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Let’s face it, The Great Resignation and the move to more remote work have shaken up business as usual and created a tighter job market. This means recruiters are in a race for top talent.  Candidates have their pick of staffing firms, and they don’t need to settle if a firm fails to impress them right away. Speed and responsiveness … Read More

The Cash & Burn Podcast with Staffing Engine Co-founder and CEO Ted Guggenheim

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Our very own Co-founder and CEO Ted Guggenheim sat down with Brandon Metcalf, CEO of Place on the Cash & Burn Podcast recently to talk about startups and share his experience with the analog between managing and developing bands and building startups. (Ted worked with bands including Sting and managed The Samples) Here’s the breakdown from the original post and links to listen are below! … Read More

100 Ways to Accelerate Your Company with Conversational AI

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Conversational AI is changing the nature of every job at every company. This periodic table of 100 conversational AI use cases from our partner and investor Onereach.ai is meant to serve as inspiration for the possibilities to hyper-automate every department within a company. Every employee can be made more productive with the help of intelligent digital workers able to make … Read More

Recruiting Acceleration Customer Panel with Pyramid Consulting Group, Focus of Georgia, and CrossMed Health

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Our latest Recruiting Acceleration AI Live episode is a customer panel and it’s happening this week! Matt Dichter and Casey Bernart from the Staffing Engine team will be hosting a customer panel with executives from three different staffing verticals to share how they’ve accelerated their recruiting, increased leads, and placed candidates faster.  Bridget Weber, CEO at CrossMed Health will share … Read More

The Age of Invisible Machines: New Book by OneReach.ai Founder Robb Wilson

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The Staffing Engine Team is very excited to share the release of the new book The Age of Invisible Machines by OneReach.ai founder Robb Wilson.  Staffing Engine co-founders, Ted Guggenheim and Andrew Kimmell, initially developed a friendship with Robb, and OneReach.ai Managing Partner Kevin Fredrick, back in 2013 when Ted and Andrew were creating TextUs.  OneReach.ai was also a relatively … Read More

Meet the Staffing Engine Team at SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit 2022

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The Staffing Engine team will be at SIA’s Healthcare Staffing Summit 2022 this week to share how our Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform helps scale conversations, speed up the recruiting lifecycle, and accelerate growth. We’re looking forward to connecting with customers and friends on the latest trends and tech in the healthcare industry. Come by Booth #416 to learn: We look … Read More