Introducing The Ultimate AI Prompt Library for Staffing and Recruiting

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Let’s be honest. By now, you’re probably sick of hearing about ChatGPT, Bard, and other generative AI tools. Everywhere you turn, there’s an article about how AI will be our salvation or our downfall.

But the reality is there are thousands of marketers, recruiters, and sales reps putting AI to work today and becoming more productive than ever imagined. 

The one thing we do know is AI is here to stay and it can help elevate your staffing firm to the next level – if your team knows how to use it. 

We recently put out The Ultimate ChatGPT Cheat Sheet for Staffing and Recruiting to help understand the basic structure of a prompt and some tips on how to create the most valuable prompts. 

Now with The Ultimate AI Prompt Library for Staffing and Recruiting, we’ve pulled together a bank of prompts you and your team can copy and paste today to write candidate outreach, build client presentations, streamline copywriting, and so much more.

Here’s an overview of the prompt library and a crash course in using the prompts to cut down busywork, enabling your staffing team to be more productive than ever before.

What is the Ultimate AI Prompt Library for Staffing and Recruiting?

We’ve built out a bank of over 75 prompts that recruiters, sales managers, compliance directors, marketers, and others throughout the industry can use to make their jobs easier. These prompts can be copied directly into ChatGPT or Bard to create emails to candidates, compliance checklists, offer and rejection letters, ad copy, SEO and keyword research, and more.

The prompts in this library can produce:

  • Ad copy
  • Blog posts
  • Checklists
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Emails
  • Interviews
  • Job posts and descriptions
  • Learning and development materials
  • Presentations
  • SEO and keyword research and suggestions
  • Social media posts and brainstorming assistance
  • Web copy

It can produce these materials as industry professionals in the following roles:

  • Recruiting
  • Sourcing
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Client Management
  • Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Leadership

And it can create messaging and outreach for the following audiences:

  • Candidates
    • Current
    • Prospective
    • Dormant
    • Interviewing
    • Passive
    • Hired
    • Redeploying
    • Executive
  • Clients
    • Current
    • Prospective 
  • Web browsers
  • Social media followers
  • Internal agency staff
  • New recruiters

How to use the prompts in this library

Here’s a crash course in using the prompts in the library.

In the folders view at the top of the page, the prompts are organized into twelve folders. You can use this view to look up prompts according to what kind of document or information they will produce. 

For example, prompts in the Email Prompts folder will help you generate emails to candidates and clients. The prompts in the SEO and Keyword Prompts will help you generate keyword research, headers, and metadata. 

Below the folders view, you can see a database of all the prompts. 

This database can be filtered and sorted by Role and Audience and other parameters. Here’s a brief video on how to filter, sort, and search the prompts.

Once you find the prompt you need, you can easily copy and paste it into Bard or ChatGPT. Here’s how to put a prompt to use, including a tutorial on answering the AI’s clarifying questions.

How to make these prompts work for your firm

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of these AI prompts.

#1. Be specific.

The more specific information you give AI, the better your results will be. So wherever possible, add clear instructions, specific details, and clarifications to these prompt templates. This will help make sure the results are tailor-made for you.

#2. Personalize your prompts. 

Make these prompts your own by customizing them to your firm’s unique needs.

Add unique details about the jobs you are offering, the outreach you’re crafting, and the presentations you’re building. This will help make ChatGPT and Bard’s output more accurate and valuable.

#3. Be mindful of AI’s limitations.

Even if it’s the greatest invention since sliced bread, AI still has it’s limitations. These tools may give inaccurate information and outdated suggestions. They may use biased language or simply fabricate things. Be sure to give ChatGPT and Bard feedback when they get their output wrong. 

#4. Don’t automate out the human touch

Staffing runs on relationships, so be sure that when you’re using these prompts, you don’t automate out the human touch. Always review the texts that AI creates for you and add your firm’s unique voice.

#5. Give AI good feedback.

The more input you give AI, the better the results will be. Over time, the AI will become more and more adept at creating the kind of outreach, messaging, research, and brainstorming assistance you and your team needs.

Get started using The Ultimate AI Prompt Library for Staffing and Recruiting today!

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