Qualify and Book Meetings 10x Faster

With Engine Meetings, you can enable bots to qualify candidates and book meetings 24/7 for your recruiters and sales reps.

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Relying on email and phone tag for every task creates a slow and frustrating experience. With Staffing Engine Meetings, you can qualify candidates 24/7 and book meetings 10x faster.



Brand your own AI and put it to work 24/7

Amazon has Alexa. Apple has Siri. Now you can choose a name to brand your own AI and put it to work for your staffing firm.


Choose a name to brand your own AI



Turn conversations into revenue

Enable AI bots on multiple channels to scale conversations and turn them into placed candidates and new clients.


Qualify and Book Meetings Instantly from your Website

With Staffing Engine, you can enable bots to ask candidates qualifying questions and book meetings right from your website 24/7.

Give Recruiters Individual Meeting Booking Links

Each recruiter will have their own unique meeting links to share with candidates.


Add meeting booking links to
your email signatures


Use meeting booking links in
your emails and text messages


Meeting Editor

Recruiters can create multiple meeting invites and lengths for each step of your process.

Meeting Routing

Allow bots to qualify candidates and route them to recruiters based on availability or other routing rules.

Round-Robin Scheduler

Allow bots to qualify candidates and use round-robin to route them to a group of recruiters.


Allow candidates to sign in to their calendar to automatically find times you're both available. Instantly find times that work for both organizers and attendees.

Customizable Themes

Upload your company logo and customize the color schemes to brand Staffing Engine Meetings.


Integration with Google Calendar and Outlook 365

Each recruiter will have their calendar connected to Staffing Engine Meetings to allow them to set hours and only show available times to candidates.


Automatically send meeting invites and emails

Staffing Engine Meetings will automatically send meeting invites and follow-up confirmations emails to remind candidates to make sure they join the meeting.

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