The Future of Staffing Tech: Open Ecosystems Over One-Size-Fits-All

Jay CutlerAI, Staffing and Recruiting, Tech Stack

While the move toward all-in-one tech solutions has gained traction in some industries, there are some major things to consider before implementing a one-size-fits-all software provider.  These systems are attempting to combine functionalities like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), communication, automation, AI, and more with the promise of streamlined operations by consolidating everything under one vendor.  … Read More

Recruiting Acceleration Live Now Available on Your Favorite Podcast Network

Andrew KimmellAI, Podcast, Recruiting Acceleration, Staffing and Recruiting

We’re excited to introduce Recruiting Acceleration Live, available now on your favorite podcast network! Now you can listen to all of the Staffing Engine team’s featured conversations with industry leaders, tech innovators, and staffing pros at the forefront of leveraging AI in the staffing industry. We’ll explore the ins and outs of applying AI in staffing and you can follow … Read More

The 2024 State of Staffing Report from Staffing Hub is Live!

Andrew KimmellAI, Growth, Recruiting Acceleration, Staffing and Recruiting, Tech Stack

The biggest, most ambitious State of Staffing report is now live from Staffing Hub! The staffing industry has been on a wild ride. After record growth in 2021, employers made cost-cutting hiring freezes in 2023, leading to a slowdown in revenue for staffing agencies. More than 40% of respondents in our latest survey reported that their business didn’t grow at all last … Read More

Staffing Engine Music Presents: “Dance Dance Acceleration”

Porter GuggenheimMusic

We’re excited to share our newest playlist “Dance Dance Acceleration” brought to you by Staffing Engine Music! Designed to boost your energy and productivity, this playlist is a fantastic blend of old-school hits and current House + EDM tracks that will make you want to dance at your desk. Whether you’re powering through your workday or just need a musical … Read More

How to Increase Productivity and Accelerate the Bullhorn Connected Recruiting Lifecycle with AI

Andrew KimmellAI, Bullhorn, Recruiting Acceleration

Many recruiting and sales teams in staffing firms aren’t big fans of change. They opt for the same strategies and tactics that have worked in the past – especially when it comes to technology. The “smile and dial” nostalgia is strong in our industry. But it’s 2024, so the question you have to ask is: do you want your staffing … Read More

LRS Healthcare Announces Strategic Investment in Staffing Engine’s Recruiting Acceleration AI

Andrew KimmellAI, Press, Recruiting Acceleration

LRS Healthcare®, a leading provider of healthcare staffing services and part of the Jackson Healthcare® family of companies, today announced a strategic investment in Staffing Engine. Staffing Engine has become a trailblazer in AI for the staffing industry, developing the world’s first Recruiting Acceleration™ AI Platform for staffing firms. This investment marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between recruiting AI and customer-driven … Read More

The Staffing Show: How AI is Set to Reshape the Staffing Industry With Matt Dichter [Podcast]

Porter GuggenheimAI, Podcast, Recruiting Acceleration, Tech Stack

Staffing Engine’s very own Matt Dichter recently joined Dave Folwell for an episode of The Staffing Show brought to you by Staffing Hub. In the episode, Matt talks about his start in the staffing industry and his journey to Staffing Engine. He also talks about AI tools and how they could launch the staffing industry into a new realm of productivity as … Read More

See You in Vegas! Staffing Engine at the SIA Exec Forum 2024

Porter GuggenheimAI, Event, Recruiting Acceleration

Staffing Engine’s very own Matt Dichter, Jay Cutler, and Austen Steele will be in Vegas March 25-28 for the Staffing Industry Analysts Exec Forum 2024! We’re looking forward to connecting with customers and friends on the latest trends and tech in the staffing industry. You can also join Staffing Engine’s VP of Sales, Matt Dichter, and other industry experts for a panel discussion … Read More

World Staffing Summit 2024: How to Increase Productivity and Accelerate the Connected Recruiting Lifecycle with AI

Porter GuggenheimAI, Recruiting Acceleration, Video

Staffing Engine’s very own Matt Dichter recently joined Heather Jennings, Head of Revenue Technology, GQR Healthcare for the 2024 World Staffing Summit conference presented by In this episode, Matt and Heather discuss actionable ways you can put AI to work to accelerate the Bullhorn Connected Recruiting lifecycle. You can watch the full “How to Increase Productivity and Accelerate the Connected … Read More