Staffing Engine Receives Investment from Bullhorn Ventures to Accelerate the Recruiting Experience with AI

Andrew KimmellAI, Bullhorn, Press

We’re excited to announce that Staffing Engine has received a strategic investment from Bullhorn Ventures!

In our on-demand world, candidates and clients expect everything to happen quickly and seamlessly. But staffing firms get bogged down by slow manual processes and struggle to provide quick responses to meet this new expectation.

At Staffing Engine, our mantra is “Time kills all deals.” A slow and frustrating recruiting experience results in lost opportunities and placements. 

Recruiting Automation is a key part of the digital transformation process, enabling staffing firms to remove repetitive tasks and work more efficiently. Now with Staffing Engine, Bullhorn customers can take the next step by leveraging Recruiting Acceleration AI to place more candidates and win more business faster than ever before.

“What staffing executives need to understand about AI is that, while it will contribute to growth over time, right now it’s about significantly improving your gross margin. That’s a huge deal in this environment,” said Ted Guggenheim, Co-Founder and CEO at Staffing Engine.

We’ve integrated our Award-Winning AI with Bullhorn and its partner ecosystem to enable the thousands of staffing firms using Bullhorn to invest in their own custom-branded AI and proprietary knowledge models.

With this latest generation of AI, staffing firms on Bullhorn can now provide an on-demand 24/7 experience, increase lead conversion, eliminate repetitive manual tasks, and dramatically increase recruiter and sales rep productivity. 

“We are incredibly excited for our customers to have access to Staffing Engine’s suite of AI acceleration tools. Their ability to deeply configure tools to meet even the most creative or complex use cases will create real differentiation for our customers,” said Jason Heilman, Senior Vice President, Product – Automation & AI at Bullhorn.

Our first customer at Staffing Engine, Kyle Morey-Leber COO at Lead Health said it best, “AI won’t replace recruiters, but recruiters who use AI will.”

Recruiters and sales reps are now powered by their own Staffing Engine AI-Assistant that works seamlessly in their Bullhorn workflow. The AI-Assistant sends real-time notifications of their most important Bullhorn activities requiring action, and includes our Staffing Engine ChatGPT integration which enables them to safely leverage the power of generative AI integrated directly with Bullhorn.

The investment will be used to grow Staffing Engine’s team and develop the next generation of AI products for the Bullhorn Ecosystem.

Ready to learn more? You can book a demo here to learn more about Recruiting Acceleration AI. 😃