Definition, Best Practices, and How to Get Started with AI for your Staffing Firm
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We Now Live in an On-Demand World

In staffing and recruiting today, the candidate is in control.

With hundreds of firms vying for top talent, one misstep – a recruiter who sleeps on an email request, a midnight question that goes unanswered – can be the difference between losing the best candidates and landing them.
Today's candidates expect instant responses without sacrificing connection. They expect knowledge at their fingertips, 24/7, and they want to work with agencies that are on the cutting edge to meet their needs.


Life in the past was less digital, and less remote.

In the past, when the world was less digital, less remote, and a bit slower, staffing firms could hang back a bit before riding on the next wave of the digital seachange. Today, firms relying on manual processes are going to fall behind their competitors. In the increasingly digital world, only the firms with the strongest tech stacks will survive.

The Evolution of Sales and Recruiting Acceleration

From the Phone, to Emails, to Messaging

As long as there have been salespeople and recruiters, there have been people trying to create tools and software to help them sell more, faster. Let’s run through a quick summary of the evolution of those tools and the channels they’ve used over time.


When people sold over the phone, the need for faster connections drove the invention of the autodialer.

Then, email changed the game, creating a new channel of communication to connect with prospects.

This led to the barrage of emails we now get from marking and sales email automation and the natural decline of read and response rates as all communication channels fall victim to overuse.

Fast forward to today, the candidate is now in control and they expect life on-demand and instant communication.

The answer: real-time messaging and AI