100 Ways to Accelerate Your Company with Conversational AI

Andrew KimmellAI, Bots, Customer Experience, Recruiting Acceleration, Tech Stack

Conversational AI is changing the nature of every job at every company. This periodic table of 100 conversational AI use cases from our partner and investor Onereach.ai is meant to serve as inspiration for the possibilities to hyper-automate every department within a company.

Every employee can be made more productive with the help of intelligent digital workers able to make manual or complex tasks easy. 

So what’s a “digital worker?”

“Digital workers are software robots, or AI-powered assistants, that automate repetitive tasks or processes. Designed to support your human workforce, they help you achieve faster, better results.”

Source: IBM

These 100 use cases are just a sample of the potential AI skills that are possible with digital workers. At Staffing Engine, we’re on a mission to translate this vision to staffing firms to accelerate the recruiting process and the move from doing things manually to hyper-automation.  

Here are some of our favorite use case we’re building into our Recruiting Accleration Platform:

  • Qualify and route candidates
  • Book meetings for recruiters
  • Answer phone calls and text messages
  • Call or text back missed calls
  • Onboard candidates
  • Answer internal employee questions
  • Clean up ATS data 
  • Re-enage candidates  

You can download the PDF to save a copy or even print out your own poster!