100 Ways to Accelerate Your Company with Conversational AI

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Conversational AI is changing the nature of every job at every company. This periodic table of 100 conversational AI use cases from our partner and investor Onereach.ai is meant to serve as inspiration for the possibilities to hyper-automate every department within a company. Every employee can be made more productive with the help of intelligent digital workers able to make … Read More

Recruiting Acceleration Customer Panel with Pyramid Consulting Group, Focus of Georgia, and CrossMed Health

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Our latest Recruiting Acceleration AI Live episode is a customer panel and it’s happening this week! Matt Dichter and Casey Bernart from the Staffing Engine team will be hosting a customer panel with executives from three different staffing verticals to share how they’ve accelerated their recruiting, increased leads, and placed candidates faster.  Bridget Weber, CEO at CrossMed Health will share … Read More

Focus of Georgia Partners with Staffing Engine to Redesign Chatbot Conversations and 2x Website Leads

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Since early 1994, Focus of Georgia has been staffing metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia with admin/clerical, call center, technical, and accounting/finance positions. The Focus team had an existing chatbot on their website but felt there was room for improvement. The integration with their ATS Bullhorn was lightweight and the contacts they were connecting with weren’t always fully qualified. Rene Beach, who … Read More

Recruiting Automation is Now Standard, Time to Accelerate: Our Takeaways from Bullhorn Engage 2022

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Engage Boston was a huge hit for Staffing Engine! The team went to a game at Fenway Park, met up with customers and partners, and had a great time at the first in-person Engage in three years. As the keynotes and sessions started to kick off, we could tell there was a buzz about some very important trends and topics … Read More

Impacting Candidate & Client Experience with Recruiting Automation & Acceleration AI [Video]

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The type of experience you create for candidates and clients can be one of the main differentiators of your staffing firm. Even though many staffing firms have similar tech stacks they can be set up in very different ways. Our very own Matt Dichter sat down with Adam Butera to talk about the nuances in setting up your staffing tech, … Read More

How to Meet Candidates Where They Are to Accelerate Recruiting [Webinar]

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In the past, businesses were able to force customers to operate on their terms. There were fewer options and more power was in the hands of the business, but things have changed.  Staffing Firms also used to have more leverage with candidates when there was a shortage of jobs and a surplus of talent, but that has changed dramatically over … Read More

Staffing Engine Co-Founder Andrew Kimmell on the You Own The Experience Podcast

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This post originally appeared on Able’s blog. On this episode of the You Own The Experience podcast, Robert Mann and Lauren B. Jones RAP about how AI and automation can improve your speed to market and overall candidate experience. Later they are joined by Andrew Kimmell, a serial staffing entrepreneur responsible for the likes of TextUs and Staffing Engine. In a career that … Read More

What Does It Take to Win Customers Today? 3 Principles of an Effective Customer Experience

Casey BernartCustomer Experience, Staffing and Recruiting

In our on-demand world, the power has now shifted to the customer. The amount of information available, combined with the ability to access everything from our phone, has made it easier than ever to choose a competitor if your customer experience isn’t up to par.   Many customers will choose a company because of their products and will leave them because … Read More