3 Ways a Bot Can Improve the Candidate Application Experience

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We are living in a world where we expect every interaction as a customer to be fast and easy. Calling your local taxi company for a cab and ordering delivery food over the phone are quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

We don’t want to waste time on the phone or be left in the dark about the status of practically anything in our day-to-day lives. So why should applying for a job be any different? 

The application process for most candidates is frustrating mostly because of how much time it consumes. What if you could take away this frustration, help your recruiters, and scale your business with one simple change? 

A quick apply bot can accomplish this. This type of bot walks a candidate through the application process, qualifies them immediately, saves their application information, connects them with the correct recruiter, and improves the overall application experience in three ways.

#1. Empowers the Candidate

A bot that has the ability to guide a candidate through the application process enables a fast and easily accessible way for them to apply to a job. 

They can apply on their time, even on their phone 24/7/365, which can be especially helpful for healthcare professionals and other workers who may not have traditional working hours. 

Their application can be processed immediately and they won’t need to wait hours or days for an email response to a web form.

#2. Save Recruiter Resources

A bot that can collect information and qualify candidates removes mundane tasks from a recruiter’s day-to-day to allow them to spend more time engaging with candidates on a deeper, more relational level. 

One that can also route the candidate’s application to the correct recruiter based on qualifying questions eliminates the need for monotonous back and forth phone calls or emails. 

A bot that integrates with a CRM (such as Bullhorn) instantaneously records the candidate’s information so recruiters don’t have to spend time manually inputting data.

#3. Accelerate the Recruiting Process

A Quick Apply bot saves valuable time for both candidates and recruiters, which speeds up the overall recruiting process. 

This creates the opportunity to easily scale the number of candidates applying to open positions.

It also streamlines what traditionally can be a frustrating, time-consuming, and non-transparent process to create a candidate-first experience.

When prospective candidates can effortlessly apply to positions and recruiters can focus on relational communication with their qualified candidates, both parties in the recruiting process are enabled to be exponentially more efficient.

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