100 Ways to Accelerate Your Company with Conversational AI

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Conversational AI is changing the nature of every job at every company. This periodic table of 100 conversational AI use cases from our partner and investor Onereach.ai is meant to serve as inspiration for the possibilities to hyper-automate every department within a company. Every employee can be made more productive with the help of intelligent digital workers able to make … Read More

The Age of Invisible Machines: New Book by OneReach.ai Founder Robb Wilson

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The Staffing Engine Team is very excited to share the release of the new book The Age of Invisible Machines by OneReach.ai founder Robb Wilson.  Staffing Engine co-founders, Ted Guggenheim and Andrew Kimmell, initially developed a friendship with Robb, and OneReach.ai Managing Partner Kevin Fredrick, back in 2013 when Ted and Andrew were creating TextUs.  OneReach.ai was also a relatively … Read More

Smart vs Dumb Chatbots: Why you Should Invest in a True Conversational AI Platform for Your Staffing Firm

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You’ve probably been hearing people talk about artificial intelligence for the past few years. And let’s be honest, sometimes it felt like the talk was a lot more exciting than the tech.  Fully autonomous cars have felt like a pipe dream, a lot of chatbots out there are still frustrating to chat with, and the robots can’t even figure out … Read More

Why Your Staffing Website Needs a Chatbot

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This post originally appeared on the Candidately Blog by Jan Jedlinski, Co-Founder & CEO at Candidately Chatbots are like virtual agents, in that they are both dialogue-based software which answers questions based on pre-programmed inquiries. Although, virtual agents are a lot more complex than a chatbot. Chatbots, in contrast to virtual agents, scan for pre-defined phrases and filter their responses … Read More

3 Ways to Use Bots on Your Website to Accelerate Growth

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Below is the transcript from the video, please excuse the errors. ?    We’re talking about the three ways you can use bots on your website to convert more candidates.  #1. Bottom right on every webpage So the first classic way is the bottom right embedded bot.  You typically what you would recognize on most websites where it’s the bottom right … Read More

The Cycle of Sales Acceleration: From The Phone to Real-Time Messaging

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Below is the transcript from the video, please excuse the errors. ?    The second cycle of sales acceleration. So I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, and we were talking about how the notion of sales acceleration as a category, was started around, using the phone and, insidesales.com.  You know, I remember that’s when I really … Read More

5 Questions to Think About When Considering a Chatbot

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The time has finally come. You’ve decided to add a chatbot to your website.  Chatbots have been used successfully in other industries for years, but it’s a newer concept to staffing, so I wanted to create a quick cheat sheet for those companies thinking about adding bots to their tech stack.  Here are some important questions to think about.  Does … Read More