The Age of Invisible Machines: New Book by Founder Robb Wilson

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The Staffing Engine Team is very excited to share the release of the new book The Age of Invisible Machines by founder Robb Wilson. 

Staffing Engine co-founders, Ted Guggenheim and Andrew Kimmell, initially developed a friendship with Robb, and Managing Partner Kevin Fredrick, back in 2013 when Ted and Andrew were creating TextUs. was also a relatively new venture at the time and we could tell they were onto something big. Flash forward 7 years to 2020 when we partnered up with Kevin and Robb to create Staffing Engine.  

Conversational AI is changing the nature of every job at every company (starting yesterday). To fully understand the implications of Conversational AI, in his new book, Robb addresses in detail everything we need to know about the implications and opportunities of this hyper-growth industry and the technology and what it will mean for businesses.

The Age of Invisible Machines delivers an eye-opening blueprint for leveraging conversational AI in order to make your organization self-driving—with a growing ecosystem of interconnected automations accelerating all aspects of your business. 

This vision is at the heart of why we started Staffing Engine. To bring and this mindset of using conversational AI to staffing firms to accelerate the recruiting experience.     

What’s in the book? 

  • Explorations of the ethical dilemmas that lie in wait as mass adoption of conversational AI takes hold
  • Blueprints for building a self-driving organization that uses conversational AI to create a durable competitive advantage
  • Strategies behind creating an ecosystem for hyperautomation that any company can begin implementing immediately
  • QR links to ongoing, interactive online discussions of the material covered in each chapter

“This is a must-read for every business leader, Robb’s book debunks common myths about conversational AI while laying bare the inevitable complexity of restructuring your business to unlock the massive opportunities this new era affords.” – Wiley 

“With each chapter, I found myself agreeing more and more. This made my ‘must-read’ list for anyone who cares about technology.”—Sherry Comes, former CTO and Distinguished Engineer at IBM, IBM Watson.

About the Author

Robb Wilson is the founder, lead designer, and chief technologist behind, the highest-scoring company in Gartner’s first Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms report. Robb has spent over two decades applying his deep understanding of user-centric design to unlocking hyperautomation. He built UX Magazine into the world’s largest experience design publication while creating a full-service UX firm that competed with IDEO and Frog Design. In addition to collecting over 130 awards across the fields of design and technology, Robb has held executive roles at several publicly traded companies.

Josh Tyson is an author and producer who’s held leadership roles with a variety of organizations, including TEDxMileHigh and UX Magazine. Josh co-hosts N9K, a podcast from the future, and his writing has appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times and Thrasher.
Visit: InvisibleMachines.AI