What's a Recruiting Acceleration Platform?

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A Recruiting Acceleration Platform combines conversational AI bots, live chat, meeting booking, real-time alerts, and integrations to enable staffing firms to increase recruiter productivity and become available on-demand 24/7.



Recruiting Acceleration


To increase the speed and transparency of the recruiting experience with personalized, real-time messaging.


We live in an


People today expect life on-demand. But if you’re still relying on website forms, phone calls, and email your strategy is stuck in the past and you can’t provide an on-demand experience.


You can’t provide a one-to-one, on-demand experience with website forms, phone calls and email 


Website visitors have to fill out a form and wait or call you to connect with someone


Phone tag and slow email back and forth with busy candidates kills productivity


Forcing recruiters to work long hours and do manual routine tasks causes burnout

With Staffing Engine, you can accelerate recruiting and be available on-demand 24/7


Convert more web visitors, text messages and social followers into placements with bots on multiple channels


Bots respond 24/7, qualify, book meetings, and route conversations to connect candidates with recruiters in real time


Speed up routine processes, place candidates faster and scale the number of conversations your firm can manage

The 5 Principles of Recruiting Acceleration



The rise of real-time messaging means you no longer have to force people to get on the phone or email.



Scale the number of one-to-one conversations and relationships your team can manage.



Inbound and outbound tactics are used to engage contacts in real-time conversations.



Communicate in a human, personalized way with candidates.



Conversations help you build a personal relationship you can’t get anywhere else.

Introducing the world's first
Recruiting Acceleration Platform


Conversational AI

Create a virtual employee to make sure you never miss an opportunity again by always responding and becoming available on-demand, 24/7.


Scale the number of conversations you can manage, ask qualifying questions, and route candidates to recruiters in real-time.

Live Chat

Get notifications and manage conversations with your existing tools like Slack, MS Teams, or Google Chat.

Meeting Booking

Enable bots to qualify candidates and book meetings. Recruiters can also use their meeting booking links in their email signatures, emails, and text messages with candidates.

Knowledge Model

Easily upload your FAQs and other keywords to teach your AI the way you do business.


Enable bots to lookup and update information in Bullhorn, trigger notifications, and connect to your other favorite software like Herefish, Staffing Referrals, and TextUs.

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