Lead Healthstaff Launches “Lead-er Bot” Powered by Staffing Engine

Andrew KimmellBots, Recruiting Acceleration

After our first conversation with Adam and the Lead Healthstaff team, I knew we would be able to create an awesome experience to help source and qualify candidates faster.  

When it comes to creating an excellent customer experience and connecting with your target audience, you need more than just a cool logo and a website, you need a brand. Lead Healthstaff is investing in all the right places to do just that. 

They have The Nomad Life for Nurses blog and the Behind the Scrubs Podcast with Justin Allison, pushing out regular content to drive traffic back to the website. 

But the only way they were capturing leads was with standard website forms. They needed a way to capture more contacts and connect them with the right team members faster. 

In comes Staffing Engine. 

Branding Your Own AI

To get started with recruiting acceleration AI, you need to think about how your new AI and virtual employee fits into your branding. With Lead Healthstaff, they had already been using the “Lead-er” term for employees so it was an easy choice to create “Lead-er Bot.” 

If you don’t have an existing term like this, a simple formula is to add “Bot” to the end of your brand name like “Your Brand Bot.” 

After you choose a name to brand your AI you can start designing your conversations. 

Designing Your Conversations

Conversation design comes down to understanding one simple question. 

What do you need to know from a candidate or client that would qualify them as a good opportunity for you?

The two primary audiences for staffing firms are first, candidates, and second, clients.

Generally for candidates, you can start with your application form on the website to get a basic list of questions. 

With Lead-er Bot, we were able to create a “Quick Apply Bot” that was available on every page of the website and that could route candidates to recruiters based on their responses to qualifying questions. 

Clients typically get the basic “Contact Us” form, which isn’t a great experience. With Lead-er Bot, we created a way for clients to make sure they were able to reach their Lead-er rep instantly. 

In both examples above, once someone answered the qualifying questions correctly, they were routed to book a meeting with the right team member, all from the same chatbot conversation on their website. 

In both cases, Lead Healthstaff went from a slow experience of website form and email follow-up to an accelerated experience with instant bot qualification and a meeting booked in minutes. 

Next, let’s dig into the basics of recruiting acceleration AI.       

Accelerating Your Recruiting

Recruiting acceleration AI is all about increasing the speed and transparency of the recruiting experience. To do that we need to scale the number of conversations your team can manage and speed up routine processes. 

Once you’ve branded your new AI and set up your conversation flows, you can let your virtual employee go to work 24/7, qualifying candidates and connecting them with recruiters. 

The old way of relying on website forms and email follow-up to qualify can take hours or even days to understand if the candidate is a good fit. 

With Lead-er Bot they are able to instantly qualify candidates and allow them to book a meeting all in the same conversation. 

This speeds up the old email and phone tag back and forth from hours to minutes.  

Each recruiter and account manager also now has their own unique meeting booking links to use in their email signatures, emails, and even text messages with candidates.

Introducing Lead-er Bot

The Lead Healthstaff team did an amazing job of including their new virtual team member into their brand. They even launched a fun video to introduce the launch of Lead-er Bot. 

“It was an awesome process working with the Staffing Engine team to launch our Lead-er Bot. They made it so much easier and more powerful than trying to create it ourselves.”

– Adam Butera, Director of Digital Operations at Lead Healthstaff

Lead-er Bot is now available on their website 24/7 to answer questions and source more candidates for Lead Healthstaff. Next, we’ll also be adding Lead-er Bot to their Facebook page allowing candidates to use Facebook Messenger to ask questions and get connected with a recruiter.

P.S. We’re here to help!

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