3 Ways to Use Bots on Your Website to Accelerate Growth

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We’re talking about the three ways you can use bots on your website to convert more candidates. 

#1. Bottom right on every webpage

So the first classic way is the bottom right embedded bot. 

You typically what you would recognize on most websites where it’s the bottom right corner. 

The primary advantage of this is if you were driving traffic to your website and only converting people on a form on one page, it’s just by nature, going to convert fewer people. 

And so if you add a bot to your website, what it does is it takes your calls to action and puts them on every single page and you URL that you have, so, whereas you maybe only had an apply on one page of the site, now you’re having this stickiness added to every single page that can convert more people.

And so that’s the primary way that you would think of a chatbot on your website. 

#2. Embedded within a page

Number two is going to be to have it embedded within a page. 

And to do this you can put some call to action, copy. You can you know, use other ways to get people to fill that out.

And the primary advantage here is that you’re getting someone to this page, and you are not forcing them to be overwhelmed with a bunch of form fields that they’re going to have to fill in. 

It’s a quick little series of questions and kind of gets them sucked into the experience and the way that it converts them at a higher percentage.

And so this would be the second way to use it. You know, this is a great way to embed it within a page, but you don’t have to take over the whole page. 

#3. Embedded full Page 

So the third way is to have a dedicated URL for a bot conversation. 

The best way to use this is to drive traffic directly to this page.

You know, I’ve seen staffing firms use ads on social that go directly to a page like this. 

I think another way to, take advantage of it, it’s in your email campaigns and your text messages you can use this, which would allow people to go to a URL and interact and convert.

And so what you can do is embedded on your site and it takes over the full URL, as you can see here, and that allows you to have them locked into a full experience. 

All right so there we go three ways you can use bots on your website. 

We’re gonna continue this series with a few other examples on other channels, like SMS and social, follow along for more.

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