Impacting Candidate & Client Experience with Recruiting Automation & Acceleration AI [Video]

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The type of experience you create for candidates and clients can be one of the main differentiators of your staffing firm. Even though many staffing firms have similar tech stacks they can be set up in very different ways.

Our very own Matt Dichter sat down with Adam Butera to talk about the nuances in setting up your staffing tech, give an introduction to Recruiting Acceleration AI , and discuss how Adam has helped Lead HealthStaff find explosive growth through the adoption of technology to create a great experience.

Shout out and thank you to Jan and the team at Candidately for having us at the World Staffing Summit this year!

About Matt and Adam

Matt Dichter – VP of Sales at Staffing Engine

Matt Dichter is the Vice President of Sales for Staffing Engine, a Recruitment Acceleration AI platform focused on enriching the candidate and client experience while also enabling recruiters to work faster and more efficiently. Matt’s focus at Staffing Engine is to find new staffing customers to help, work with existing customers to ensure productivity, and take the company from start-up to rocket ship!

Matt grew up in the Boston area, got his Bachelor’s Degree at Penn State, and found a home at Bullhorn prior to joining Staffing Engine. While at Bullhorn, he moved out west and spent 8.5 years helping staffing agencies from coast to coast achieve their technology and digital transformation goals. He currently lives in San Diego with his girlfriend Jenny and pitbull Blue, and is a die-hard sports fan.

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Adam Butera – Director of Digital Operations at Lead Healthstaff

Adam Butera is the Director of Digital Operations at Lead Healthstaff, a national travel nurse staffing agency recognized by SIA as one of the Top 5 Fastest Growing Staffing Firms.  Adam’s role at Lead is to uncover areas of friction throughout the organization then implement technological solutions, while maintaining the company’s ethos.

Adam grew up in New Jersey, went to school in Boston and after brief careers in areas like Film Production and Print Sales he landed in the Staffing Industry as a Direct-Hire Recruiter.  Before long, Adam moved to the vendor side working as an Account Manager for companies like Monster and Sense to enhance relationships with their staffing partners.  After almost 10 years, that also included marriage, two children, and a move to Atlanta, he is back to his roots to apply all he’s learned.

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