How to Meet Candidates Where They Are to Accelerate Recruiting [Webinar]

Andrew KimmellCustomer Experience, Growth, Recruiting Acceleration

In the past, businesses were able to force customers to operate on their terms. There were fewer options and more power was in the hands of the business, but things have changed. 

Staffing Firms also used to have more leverage with candidates when there was a shortage of jobs and a surplus of talent, but that has changed dramatically over the past few years as well. 

Now the candidate is in control and they get to choose who they want to work with. 

If your staffing firm is still forcing candidates and clients to pick up the phone to call you or fill out a web form and wait for a response, you’re missing out on potential placements and growth.

Candidates want easier and faster ways to get in touch and work with your staffing firm. That means adding new communication channels and options to connect with them on-demand, on their terms, and using their preferred method of communication.

Join Matt, Andrew, and Jay from the Staffing Engine team for an episode of Recruiting Acceleration AI Live on How to Meet Candidates Where They Are to Accelerate Recruiting. 

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • Why you don’t want to miss the next wave of acceleration AI software
  • How to create an on-demand experience available 24/7
  • The new real-time messaging channels to connect with candidates and clients
  • How to eliminate ghosting and never miss an opportunity
  • How to make the switch to accelerate your recruiting processes