Staffing Engine Announces OpenAI Integration to Accelerate Recruiting for Staffing Firms

Andrew KimmellPress, Recruiting Acceleration

Staffing Engine Inc. (Boulder, CO) today announced its integration with OpenAI into their Recruiting Acceleration Platform.

While most are familiar with ChatGPT, there are actually several AI models available from OpenAI to enable the next generation of software. Staffing Engine, through their exclusive partnership with award-winning partner, has been beta members of OpenAI and its suite of powerful models which include not only the popular ChatGPT but also GPT3, Codex, and Whisper.

“OpenAI has been a key part of our strategy since we joined their early beta program in 2022,” Staffing Engine founder and CEO, Ted Guggenheim said. 

Boulder-based Staffing Engine is the world’s first Recruiting Acceleration Platform that’s focused on bringing the next generation of AI to the staffing tech stack. 

By leveraging the powerful OpenAI models, Staffing Engine has created an ecosystem of Intelligent Digital Workers (IDWs) that can go to work for a staffing firm, not to replace the recruiter or sales rep, but to make them as profitable as possible with the help of AI. 

The Staffing Engine team will be at the 2023 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum in Miami, March 6-9th showing off their latest AI-powered products to accelerate recruiting. 

About Staffing Engine

Staffing Engine is the world’s first Recruiting Acceleration Platform that enables staffing firms to increase productivity, operate 24/7, and accelerate growth. With the Engine AI suite of products, staffing firms can leverage the next generation of AI models to make your team more profitable, respond faster to hot opportunities, and become available on-demand to your candidates and clients.