4 Ways to Accelerate Your Staffing Firms Productivity with Staffing Engine AI for Bullhorn

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Today staffing and recruiting firms need to work harder than ever to grow. It’s tougher to get and keep the candidate and client’s attention, trickier to move quickly without sacrificing relationships, and nearly impossible to do everything that needs to be done.  The answer to this very modern problem requires a very modern solution. AI to accelerate the recruiting process.  … Read More

See you in Vegas! Staffing Engine at the 2023 SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit

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The Staffing Engine team will be in Vegas this week at the 2023 SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit! We’re looking forward to seeing customers, friends, and partners. You can stop by booth #319 to say hello to learn about the latest in Recruiting Acceleration AI for healthcare staffing firms.   We recently helped GQR Healthcare 4x inbound placements from an average … Read More

Introducing The Ultimate AI Prompt Library for Staffing and Recruiting

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Let’s be honest. By now, you’re probably sick of hearing about ChatGPT, Bard, and other generative AI tools. Everywhere you turn, there’s an article about how AI will be our salvation or our downfall. But the reality is there are thousands of marketers, recruiters, and sales reps putting AI to work today and becoming more productive than ever imagined.  The … Read More

See You in Dallas! Staffing Engine at the 2023 SIA GigE Conference

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The Staffing Engine team will be in Dallas this week at the 2023 SIA GigE Conference. We’re looking forward to connecting with customers, partners, and friends on the latest trends and tech in the staffing industry. You can join Staffing Engine’s very own Matt Dichter for “Mastering Talent Management in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” on Thursday the 14th at … Read More

Staffing Engine Receives Investment from Bullhorn Ventures to Accelerate the Recruiting Experience with AI

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We’re excited to announce that Staffing Engine has received a strategic investment from Bullhorn Ventures! In our on-demand world, candidates and clients expect everything to happen quickly and seamlessly. But staffing firms get bogged down by slow manual processes and struggle to provide quick responses to meet this new expectation. At Staffing Engine, our mantra is “Time kills all deals.” … Read More

GQR Healthcare and Staffing Engine Leverage AI to Solve Major Healthcare Staffing Challenge of Automated Lead Distribution

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GQR Healthcare was facing a problem that is familiar to most healthcare staffing and recruiting firms: cumbersome, manual lead distribution was slowing down their ability to respond quickly to candidate and client leads. Heather Jennings, Global Head of Revenue Technology for GQR, was determined to solve this problem. As an 18-year veteran of the healthcare staffing industry, she knew lead distribution … Read More

How ChatGPT and AI Can Help Your Staffing Firm Thrive in a Downturn

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You’ve heard the doom and gloom about the economy. Navigate to any business publication or turn on any news channel, and chances are they’ll be talking about the impending economic downturn.  Though it may seem counterintuitive, it’s possible for your staffing firm to thrive in an economic downturn. The latest generation of AI and ChatGPT are revolutionizing the potential of … Read More

Time Kills All Deals: How Recruiting Acceleration AI Prevents Leads from Going Into the Black Hole

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In our on-demand world, prospects will slip through your fingers into the black hole if your recruiting process is slow. The numbers prove it: 60% of job seekers will drop out of the application process if it takes too long.  The average time-to-fill across all industries is 36 days. However, job seekers expect a much shorter turnaround, anticipating merely 1-2 … Read More

Introducing Staffing Engine AI Lead Distribution: Dynamically Route Leads in Real-Time to Respond Faster and Place More Candidates

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In staffing and recruiting, the phrase “time kills all deals” is more relevant than ever. If your leads are sitting in a messy shared email inbox waiting to be manually distributed, you’re losing valuable time and placements.  The 2023 State of Staffing Report shows that more than half of the fast-growth staffing firms respond to new leads within an hour. … Read More