Recruiting Acceleration Live Now Available on Your Favorite Podcast Network

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We’re excited to introduce Recruiting Acceleration Live, available now on your favorite podcast network!

Now you can listen to all of the Staffing Engine team’s featured conversations with industry leaders, tech innovators, and staffing pros at the forefront of leveraging AI in the staffing industry.

We’ll explore the ins and outs of applying AI in staffing and you can follow along with the evolution of Recruiting Acceleration AI as we reshape the industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned staffing pro, tech expert, or just want to learn more about AI in staffing, Recruiting Acceleration Live is here for all things AI in the industry. Click below to tune in and learn how to accelerate your staffing firm with the power of AI!

P.S. Ready to learn about AI for your staffing firm?

We’re here to help! Get connected with a Staffing Engine AI expert to help answer your questions and get a demo of how you can apply AI to accelerate recruiting at your staffing firm.