Introducing Staffing Engine AI Distribution: Dynamically Route Leads in Real-Time to Respond Faster and Place More Candidates

Andrew KimmellAI, Recruiting Acceleration

In staffing and recruiting, the phrase “time kills all deals” is more relevant than ever. If your leads are sitting in a messy shared email inbox waiting to be manually distributed, you’re losing valuable time and placements.  The 2023 State of Staffing Report shows that more than half of the fast-growth staffing firms respond to new leads within an hour. … Read More

Introducing the Staffing Engine AI Assistant: Accelerate your Staffing Firm with the Power of ChatGPT and AI

Andrew KimmellAI, Bullhorn, Recruiting Acceleration

Messy email inboxes are where deals go to die. Despite your team’s best intentions, candidates often disappear in your recruiters’ inboxes, lost between meeting requests, industry news, and spam.  Forcing your team to stay organized in an email inbox and stay on top of every detail of your recruiting process is an uphill battle.  Simply put, these inboxes aren’t built … Read More

Staffing Engine Featured as Bullhorn Marketplace Partner for AI

Andrew KimmellAI, Bullhorn, Recruiting Acceleration

We’re excited to share that Staffing Engine is featured as a Bullhorn Marketplace Partner for AI! From the beginning, our team has been focused on bringing the newest generation of AI to the Bullhorn ecosystem to accelerate the recruiting process.   We started by enabling staffing firms to brand their own AI and integrate it directly with Bullhorn to put Engine … Read More

Introducing Staffing Engine + Opus Match: Engage Candidates and Clients with AI Chatbots in your Opus Match Web Portal and Mobile App

Andrew KimmellAI, Press

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Opus Match, a Candidate Data, and AI/ML Suggestion Engine platform.  At Staffing Engine, we’re on a mission to accelerate the recruiting lifecycle with the newest generation of AI. So far we’ve been able to double website leads, speed up response times, and accelerate the top of the funnel for staffing firms.  “Our integration … Read More

New Staffing Engine Real-Time Alerts for Bullhorn to Increase Recruiter and Sales Rep Productivity [Product Update]

Andrew KimmellAI, Bullhorn

In staffing and recruiting today, responding faster than your competitors to the top talent can be the difference in making a placement. That’s why we’re excited to share the latest updates to our Recruiting Acceleration platform with you! Our Staffing Engine AI Assistant enables your recruiters and sales reps to get real-time notifications to speed up response times and make … Read More

Your Next Hire Should Be AI: Accelerate Your Staffing Firm’s Growth Without Increasing Headcount

Andrew KimmellAI, Recruiting Acceleration

Let’s face it, so far, the 2020s have been a decade of uncertainty. And that won’t be changing any time soon. With the possibility of a recession looming on the horizon, many business leaders in the biggest orgs in the country – including Paypal, Google, and Microsoft – are making deep cuts and spearheading widespread layoffs.  But when even the … Read More

Partners Personnel Leverages Staffing Engine AI to Scale Conversations, Increase Productivity, and Accelerate Growth [Case Study]

Andrew KimmellAI, Case Study, Recruiting Acceleration

Partners Personnel is a full-service staffing company with offices nationwide. They’ve experienced rapid growth since their founding in 2017 to become the 14th largest industrial staffing firm in the U.S. while expanding to over 100 branches nationwide. Paul Sorensen, CEO at Partners Personnel, came to Staffing Engine looking to improve how they engage candidates and clients on their website and … Read More

What is Recruiting Acceleration? Definition, Best Practices, and How to Embrace the Power of AI to Revolutionize Your Staffing Firm [eBook]

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The world of staffing and recruiting has changed in recent years, with candidates now in the driver’s seat and expectations of instant communication and responsiveness becoming the norm.  In order to compete for top talent, it’s vital that your staffing firm stays ahead of the curve, leveraging the latest technology to enhance the recruiting experience. And the latest tech today … Read More

2023 is the Year of AI: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve and Accelerate Your Recruiting Experience

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In 2015, staffing firms were introduced to email and marketing automation. Those who stuck to manual emails or relied on the old-school smile-and-dial technique quickly fell behind their competitors.  In 2018, staffing firms were introduced to business text messaging, and while some firms were struggling to break through the noise of overcrowded email inboxes and leaving voicemails that prospects ignored, … Read More

Staffing Engine Announces OpenAI Integration to Accelerate Recruiting for Staffing Firms

Andrew KimmellPress, Recruiting Acceleration

Staffing Engine Inc. (Boulder, CO) today announced its integration with OpenAI into their Recruiting Acceleration Platform. While most are familiar with ChatGPT, there are actually several AI models available from OpenAI to enable the next generation of software. Staffing Engine, through their exclusive partnership with award-winning partner, has been beta members of OpenAI and its suite of powerful models … Read More