GQR Healthcare Speeds Up Response Times and Reduces Manual Tasks by More Than 90% with the Staffing Engine AI Assistant

Andrew KimmellAI, Case Study, Recruiting Acceleration

GQR had already partnered with Staffing Engine as their trusted AI provider to solve the major healthcare staffing challenge of automating manual lead distribution.

After their initial success with Engine AI Distribution, the GQR team was looking for more ways to leverage AI to help increase recruiter and sales rep productivity.

With their high volume of vacancies to fill, the manual and repetitive task of submitting candidates to clients added up to hours of work that slowed their recruitment process.

Alexandra Egge noted, “There’s just not enough time in the day. We were spending too much time on administrative tasks, which impacted our ability to connect with candidates quickly and effectively.”

The Solution:

🔥 The Staffing Engine AI Assistant 🔥

With customized generative AI and real-time alerts, GQR drastically reduced the time spent on manual repetitive work and accelerated their time-to-place.

The Results:

90% Reduction in Manual Tasks: Time spent on manual tasks decreased from 45 minutes to seconds.

Faster Response Times: Real-time notifications integrated with Bullhorn accelerated response times to candidate and client inquiries.

Increased Placements: In the first 3 months, GQR made 94 placements, showcasing the AI Assistant’s impact on productivity.

Anthony McGilveary stated, “The time savings have been incredible. It’s night and day as far as where we were with the time spent to get candidates across the line.”