GQR Healthcare Speeds Up Response Times and Reduces Manual Tasks by More Than 90% with the Staffing Engine AI Assistant


GQR Healthcare, a division of GQR, is a leading provider of healthcare staffing solutions working across travel nursing & allied, permanent placement, and locum tenens. GQR had already partnered with Staffing Engine as their trusted AI provider to solve the major healthcare staffing challenge of automating manual lead distribution.

After their initial success with Engine AI Distribution, the GQR team was looking for more ways to leverage Staffing Engine’s Recruiting Acceleration AI to help increase recruiter and sales rep productivity.  

We sat down with Alexandra Egge, VP, and Anthony McGilveary, AVP, to learn how Staffing Engine’s AI Assistant has accelerated GQR Healthcare’s recruitment process, increased team productivity, and sped up their response times to place more candidates.


The Challenge: Time-Consuming Manual Tasks and Messy Email Inboxes


GQR Healthcare's team aimed to improve the efficiency of their recruitment process by automating manual repetitive steps and ultimately enhancing their responsiveness to candidates and clients.

With their high volume of vacancies to fill, the manual and repetitive task of submitting candidates to clients added up to hours of work that slowed their overall recruitment process, running the risk of losing top talent to a competitor.


“There’s just not enough time in the day. We were spending too much time on administrative tasks, which impacted our ability to connect with candidates quickly and effectively.”

Alexandra Egge
Vice President
at GQR Healthcare


Digging around in messy email inboxes and manual time-consuming tasks were taking away from the team’s efficiency and ability to focus on higher-value tasks. 

Anthony McGilveary added “We get a ton of emails. You would just get so many it made it hard to really know what's what if you weren't super organized. So honestly, you would miss some of those at times and they wouldn’t go into your primary inbox, but to the other folder.”


The Solution: The Staffing Engine AI Assistant with Customized Generative AI Prompts and Real-Time Recruiting and Sales Alerts

GQR Healthcare implemented the Staffing Engine AI Assistant to speed up time-consuming tasks and provide real-time insights to recruiters and sales reps. 

Anthony McGilveary emphasized the importance of the Engine AI Assistant, stating, “We went from spending about 45 minutes to do a profile for one candidate to be able to do it within seconds.”


“We went from spending about 45 minutes to do a profile for one candidate to be able to do it within seconds.”

Anthony McGilveary
Associate Vice President
at GQR Healthcare

The Staffing Engine team worked closely with GQR to customize the generative AI prompts including formatting preferences, data extraction issues, and the need for customization to align with GQR’s specific requirements.

“It was nice to be able to go to you guys and say, hey we don't really need the blurb section so much. It's great to have it overall but just to shorten it up a bit,” Alexandra noted about their collaboration in refining the AI prompt outputs.

Alexandra also highlighted that the Engine AI Assistant not only streamlined operations but also improved team collaboration and participation.

She noted, “I know a lot of the newer recruiters would feel a bit defeated. They would just assume, ‘Oh well, someone else has already jumped on it.’ But now they can actually see the opportunity to place someone who's actively looking for these jobs.”

Newer recruiters now feel more confident and engaged, knowing they have reliable tools to support their efforts. 

The Results: More than 90% Time Reduction in Tasks, Faster Response Times, and 94 Influenced Placements

Since adopting the Staffing Engine AI Assistant at the end of April, GQR Healthcare has reduced manual repetitive tasks by more than 90% and is seeing the placements fly in with 94 in the first 3 months.

Here’s the breakdown of why the GQR team loves the Staffing Engine AI Assistant:

Time Savings and Efficiency: The Engine AI Assistant dramatically reduced the time required for manual tasks from 30-45 minutes to down to seconds. This allowed recruiters to allocate more time to high-value activities, such as candidate engagement and client interaction.

“The time savings have been incredible. It's night and day as far as where we were with the time spent to get candidates across the line. We're just able to do so much more now in-between time by being able to reach out to more candidates.”

Anthony McGilveary
Associate Vice President
at GQR Healthcare

Improved Brand Consistency and Quality: The Engine AI ensured uniformity in candidate profiles, presenting information in a consistent and professional format. This not only improved the overall quality of submissions but also reinforced GQR Healthcare’s brand identity.

Faster Response Times: With real-time notifications replacing slow emails, GQR dramatically sped up their average response times to candidate inquiries. The Engine AI Assistant’s alert system integrated with Bullhorn and more kept recruiters informed about job openings, candidate progress, and other critical updates in real-time. 


 “Anytime we have any type of activity with our candidates we get notified in real-time, so it really prompts you ASAP saying, hey, this is what's going on in real-time.”

Anthony McGilveary
Associate Vice President
at GQR Healthcare

Enhanced Candidate Experience: The Engine AI Assistant’s ability to generate detailed location packets enables recruiters to provide more informed insights about job locations and the candidate experience, enhancing the decision-making process.

Increased Bullhorn Adoption: The integration with Bullhorn facilitated better data organization and retrieval. Recruiters learned to populate candidate profiles and make sure all relevant details were captured to be accurately reflected in what they generate with AI.


GQR Healthcare’s ongoing partnership with Staffing Engine shows how Recruiting Acceleration AI can revolutionize the recruitment process. 

The Staffing Engine AI Assistant has been a game-changer for GQR Healthcare, significantly enhancing the efficiency, consistency, and quality of their recruitment process. 

By automating time-consuming tasks and providing real-time insights, the AI Assistant has empowered GQR Healthcare’s recruitment team to focus on what they do best—connecting top-tier talent with leading healthcare providers.

Anthony McGilveary concluded, “The results speak for themselves. Staffing Engine’s AI Assistant has transformed the way we recruit, allowing us to focus on building meaningful relationships with our candidates and clients.”

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About GQR Healthcare

GQR’s Healthcare team specializes in connecting experts within the industry to highly skilled healthcare professionals.

In the competitive healthcare market, we recognize that the industry’s common goals of improved quality of care and patient outcomes are wholly reliant upon the professionals directly supporting these initiatives. Leveraging our extensive candidate network, we deliver continuity of care for the communities our partners serve to ensure the patient experience is of the highest quality.

Through deep market specialization and a unique approach to talent acquisition, GQR Healthcare provides an unparalleled and personalized experience across all medical specialties in nursing and within diverse healthcare platforms across the industry.

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