New Staffing Engine Desktop Alerts for Mac and Windows: Speed-Up Responsiveness and Never Miss an Important Bullhorn Update

Andrew KimmellAI, Recruiting Acceleration

We’re excited to announce that Staffing Engine Desktop Alerts are now available for Mac and Windows to instantly alert you of all your Bullhorn activity.

In the fast-paced recruiting world, timely communication and quick responses are essential. Missing a notification and slow responses lead to missing out on top talent or critical client interaction. 

With Staffing Engine Desktop Alerts, you can speed up your staffing firm’s responsiveness and never miss an important Bullhorn update with alerts integrated directly into your Mac or Windows desktop. 

How It Works

Whether you are managing leads, tracking candidate interactions, or coordinating with your team, these alerts show up right in your native desktop notifications. 

With Mac you’ll have the options to: 

Enable “Banners” to appear in the upper-right hand corner and go away automatically or have “Alerts” stay on screen until dismissed.

With Windows you’ll have the options to: 

Enable “Show notification banners” and “Show notifications in notification center” to have alerts appear and then also show up in the notification center. 

Getting started is simple with the guide below: 

Setting Up Staffing Engine AI Assistant Desktop Notifications

Once set up, you’ll start receiving notifications directly on your Mac or Windows desktop, ensuring you are always in the loop.

At Staffing Engine, we continually evolve our Recruiting Acceleration AI to help staffing firms and recruiters streamline their processes and increase productivity. 

P.S. Ready to learn about AI for your staffing firm?

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