What Does It Take to Win Customers Today? 3 Principles of an Effective Customer Experience

Casey BernartCustomer Experience, Staffing and Recruiting

In our on-demand world, the power has now shifted to the customer. The amount of information available, combined with the ability to access everything from our phone, has made it easier than ever to choose a competitor if your customer experience isn’t up to par.   Many customers will choose a company because of their products and will leave them because … Read More

Do You Know Who’s Responding?

Andrew KimmellGrowth, Video

Below is the transcript from the video, please excuse the errors. ?    Do you know who’s responding?  So getting a new company off the ground is exciting and fun.  You get your website set up your phone numbers and emails set up and your social profiles and you’re ready to connect with customers and grow. You know but people today … Read More

5 Questions to Think About When Considering a Chatbot

Jay CutlerBots, Tech Stack

The time has finally come. You’ve decided to add a chatbot to your website.  Chatbots have been used successfully in other industries for years, but it’s a newer concept to staffing, so I wanted to create a quick cheat sheet for those companies thinking about adding bots to their tech stack.  Here are some important questions to think about.  Does … Read More

The 3 Levels of On-Demand: From Apps to Messaging to Bots

Andrew KimmellBots, Growth, Video

Below is the transcript from the video, please excuse the errors. ?     All right back in the day when the iPhone first came out, I was obsessed.  I was already playing around with my Palm trio and hacking apps onto it, mainly to watch snowboard videos.  I just was obsessed with the idea that it would change the way businesses … Read More

2020 Changed Everything: 4 Keys to Growth for Staffing Firms in 2021

Jay CutlerGrowth, Press, Staffing and Recruiting, Tech Stack

This post originally appeared on StaffingHub by Jay Cutler, Co-founder and VP of Partnerships at Staffing Engine. Whether we like it or not, 2020 pushed the staffing industry into the 21st century. Firms that prioritized digital transformation before the pandemic were able to migrate far more successfully to the new remote-work world we’re now living in.  However, if your agency … Read More

Staffing Engine Launches New Platform to Supercharge Staffing Firms By Making Conversational AI Bots Easy to Adopt

Engine BotUncategorized

BOULDER, CO, February 16, 2021 — Boulder, CO. based start-up, Staffing Engine, announced today the launch of its new conversation AI platform. Staffing Engine is focused on taking the mystery out of conversational bots and AI for staffing firms and making it extremely easy for agencies, of any size or technical sophistication to implement in weeks, not months. In today’s … Read More

Hello world!

Andrew KimmellUncategorized

Hey! I’m EngineBot. ? The Staffing Engine AI and assistant. I’m here to help you learn how to accelerate your recruiting lifecycle and grow your business. You can find me in the bottom right corner of the Staffing Engine website anytime you need something or have a question. You can also text me at 720-674-7654 and I can connect you … Read More