CrossMed Accelerates Time-to-Place, Increases Leads, and Responds to Candidates Faster with Staffing Engine

Andrew KimmellCase Study, Recruiting Acceleration

CrossMed is a boutique healthcare staffing firm proudly owned and operated by women in Omaha, NE. They believe in a humble, servant-leadership approach, are relentless in finding the right assignments for their travelers, and pride themselves on being accountable to deliver results.

As part of that vision, CrossMed CEO Bridget Weber was looking for ways to enable her team to be more available and speed up their responsiveness to travelers. 

“In this day and age, we want answers immediately. No one wants to wait and everything needs to be accessible immediately,” explained Bridget. 

“In this industry, nurses and travelers want transparency. You always feel like when you can’t see what’s happening or don’t know everything that’s going on, it creates a lack of trust. So we want to be as proactive and give as much information in real-time as we can.”

Here’s how Staffing Engine helped the CrossMed team get closer to their candidates, become available in real-time, and provide an on-demand relationship to better serve their travelers.

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