CrossMed Accelerates Time-to-Place, Increases Leads, and Responds to Candidates Faster [Case Study]


CrossMed is a boutique healthcare staffing firm proudly owned and operated by women in Omaha, NE. They believe in a humble, servant-leadership approach, are relentless in finding the right assignments for their travelers, and pride themselves on being accountable to deliver results.

As part of that vision, CrossMed CEO Bridget Weber was looking for ways to enable her team to be more available and speed up their responsiveness to travelers. 

In this day and age, we want answers immediately. No one wants to wait and everything needs to be accessible immediately,” explained Bridget. 

“In this industry, nurses and travelers want transparency. You always feel like when you can't see what's happening or don't know everything that's going on, it creates a lack of trust. So we want to be as proactive and give as much information in real-time as we can.”

Here’s how Staffing Engine helped the CrossMed team get closer to their candidates, become available in real-time, and provide an on-demand relationship to better serve their travelers.


The Challenges: Increase response times and improve recruiter productivity


Speeding up the time to respond and being first to the candidate were some of the main goals for the CrossMed team. 

In the past when a new candidate lead would come in, there would be an email notification that went to a shared inbox that only certain employees had access to.

Candidates on the website only had the option to submit a form and wait for a response, which simply isn’t fast enough in 2022.

Recruiters would have to refresh their ATS constantly, and that slowed down the process to distribute the leads and enable a quick response.


“Response time will be paramount with candidate experience. The closer we can get to doing things in real-time will put us ahead of the curve,”

Berk Brown
Marketing Manager
at CrossMed

The CrossMed team was also looking for ways to improve recruiter productivity. 

“There are recruiters out there that can manage desks of 70 to 100 nurses. But generally, what I have found in our industry is once you get to that 25 or 30 mark, it gets hard to take that next leap,” said Berk.

“The more efficient you can help them be, the more they're able to increase the number of nurses they can manage, and that just helps everybody.”

That’s where Staffing Engine came in.  

The Solution: Respond faster with real-time notifications & lead routing, and add a chatbot on the website to engage visitors in real time

When we started working with the CrossMed team, one of the first opportunities to accelerate recruiting was to replace slow email notifications with faster real-time notifications. 

“They went into a general inbox and then there was only a handful of us that had access, so we'd have to check it and disperse them and you know, time kills deals in this market.”

“So eliminating that step has really helped because then we’re available immediately versus waiting on one of us. Who knows how many agencies they might contact by the time we used to get back to them?” explained Bridget.

Engaging website visitors in real-time was another goal to speed up CrossMed’s responsiveness. 

“It was a no-brainer to add the chatbot to the website so people can get access real-time as they want it. Just because we work certain hours doesn't mean that those hours work for everybody.”

“If we didn't have that, think of how many people we wouldn't have been able to contact or communicate with, or direct to the place which we wanted to.”

Bridget Weber
at CrossMed

The Results: Increased candidate leads, hundreds of new website engagements, and improved recruiter productivity to make placements in real-time

Since CrossMed started to accelerate their recruiting process with Staffing Engine, they’ve generated hundreds of new website visitor engagements, increased leads, and enabled recruiters to make real-time placements.

“Engine Alerts has been huge for us. There was one instance where we placed a nurse because our recruiter got the notification in real time. Another has said that she probably got five or six placements.”

Bridget Weber
at CrossMed

“Because of that alert, she was able to connect the minute they came through. She believed that that led to her production because she saw them real-time when they were coming in versus going into the CRM and refreshing to see what new jobs had been added,” Bridget explained.

“And she felt like she was the first one to get the candidates submitted. Again, the speed to placement would not have happened had she not received those alerts.” 

Another benefit of Engine Alerts real-time notifications is the ability for leadership to get a window into what’s happening.  

In their first 90 days, CrossMed generated:






Live Chat Requests

“I've done a lot of implementations over my time and it was so easy. Yeah, I've done a lot with onboarding different technologies, and this was a piece of cake. Probably one of the easiest ones I've done,” explained Bridget

“And again, you can hire a whole huge team to do it, but I'd rather partner with somebody where that's their expertise and your main focus is staffing and recruiting, and so having a partner like we have with you guys is great.”

About CrossMed

As a boutique firm offering specialized, personalized, and consultative recruiting services for healthcare professionals, CrossMed is large enough to offer all the same opportunities, pay, benefits, and perks of the mega-corporations while still treating and appreciating you like a member of our family. We are humble and take a servant-leadership approach to what we do. We are relentless in finding the right assignments for our travelers and pride ourselves on being accountable to deliver results. Proudly owned and operated by women.

About Staffing Engine

Staffing Engine is the world’s first Recruiting Acceleration Platform™ that enables staffing firms to speed up their recruiting lifecycle, place more candidates and accelerate growth. Staffing Engine combines conversational AI bots, meeting booking, live chat, and integrations with the staffing tech stack to scale the number of candidates recruiters can manage and enable your staffing firm to become available on-demand 24/7.