Your Next Hire Should Be AI: Accelerate Your Staffing Firm’s Growth Without Increasing Headcount

Andrew KimmellAI, Recruiting Acceleration

Let’s face it, so far, the 2020s have been a decade of uncertainty. And that won’t be changing any time soon. With the possibility of a recession looming on the horizon, many business leaders in the biggest orgs in the country – including Paypal, Google, and Microsoft – are making deep cuts and spearheading widespread layoffs. 

But when even the recession isn’t certain, how can you make smart business decisions to both build reliable growth and protect your staffing firm if the worst happens?

It starts with reenvisioning how your staffing agency uses tech. 

With advances in artificial intelligence, your tech stack has the potential to evolve into another arm of your workforce. This week, IBM announced a pause in hiring in a plan to replace 7,800 jobs with AI. 

Here’s how to rethink your tech to accelerate your growth without increasing your headcount.

Intelligent Digital Workers (IDWs): Your new AI-powered workers to boost recruiter and sales rep productivity

When you hear the phrase “digital worker,” you may think of humans working directly with tech. But, intelligent digital workers (IDWs) are a new generation of AI-driven software that can work alongside your recruiters and sales team. 

IDWs can be set up into an ecosystem to help candidates and clients take action and accelerate every department in your staffing firm. 

100 Ways to Accelerate Your Company with Conversational AI

You know your recruiting staff is busier than ever, and their time is often drained by routine processes, such as answering basic questions and the back-and-forth slow email communication. They also likely waste a lot of time interacting with prospects who aren’t good fits. These timesucks take away from the more valuable work that grows your business. 

This is where intelligent digital workers shine. They can act like assistants to your recruiters, tackling the busywork, answering fundamental questions, moving candidates through the recruiting cycle, qualifying leads, and scheduling meetings. 

They’re smart enough to handle unexpected situations and notify recruiters when needed and agile enough to move a prospect through the initial steps of the recruiting process. Your recruiters won’t have to lift a finger to get a calendar full of job-ready candidates looking to connect.

Superpower productivity by freeing up recruiter time for relationship-building

Three of the most essential aspects of recruiting are being authentic, being empathetic, and listening to candidates and clients alike to understand their needs. Strong relationship-building not only helps make better hires but it can also increase employee retention, setting both the candidate and the client up for success.

By taking the busywork off of your recruiters’ plates, IDWs help your recruiters focus on the conversations and relationship-building that recruiting runs on. 

IDWs available 24/7 mean your team will never miss a lead

Our candidate-first market means your firm needs to be available whenever your candidates are. If a travel nurse who is interested in your agency messages you when she gets off a shift at 9 pm and gets an away message, she’ll likely navigate to a company who can meet her needs immediately. 

To maintain a positive reputation, serve today’s fast-moving and always-connected prospects, and outshine the competition, you need to always be available to new leads. 

Unfortunately, your recruiting team needs to sleep and take breaks and go on vacations. But always-on chatbots are available 24/7 365 to answer candidate questions, move them through the recruiting cycle, and keep your agency’s home fires burning. 

Your team can come back from vacation with a calendar filled with candidates who are knowledgeable about your firm, have passed the pre-interview screening, and are ready to deepen their relationship with your agency.

And the more responsive your digital and human team is, the more responsive your candidates will be. Your AI chatbot workers can help set the tone for a connected, productive relationship, sans ghosting and long communication lags.

Qualify candidates faster without wasting team time on unsuitable prospects

No matter how responsive, empathetic, and driven your recruiters are, being bogged down by bad prospects will slow them down. In fact, 63% of recruiters say that the talent shortage is their biggest challenge. In a world in which your agency meets dozens – if not hundreds – of wrong candidates before finding the right one, your recruiters can’t succeed if they are constantly communicating with and qualifying poor fits. 

That’s where smarter chatbots, built on the latest advancements in AI, come in. They can dynamically engage with prospects, separating the good from the bad leads. 

They can speed the qualifying process, getting the wrong candidates to no faster in order to make way for the yeses. And they can deliver only job-ready candidates to your recruiters. 

In the end, this will make your recruiters more profitable by ensuring they’re saving their time and energy for the candidates that count.

Connect with and nurture more leads without tapping more of your team’s time

To build sustainable growth, your team must do the impossible: prioritize both fostering high-quality relationships and driving a large number of connections with candidates. You need a system that allows your recruiters to connect with as many candidates as possible. 

By minimizing the busy work involved in qualification, being always available to answer questions and route leads through the recruiting cycle, and acting as your agency’s greeter, you can double website leads conversions. 

Nurtured leads and instantly connect to your recruiters and sales reps

Your staffing firm’s network of IDWs don’t just interface with candidates. They can route those best-fit candidates to your team’s calendar. Instead of fielding messages, emails, phone calls, and texts, your recruiters can jump right to meetings with well-informed candidates who are ready to work. Your team can come to work in the morning with a cache of hot opportunities with qualified candidates and clients.

Minimize human burnout with tireless digital teammates

Between the Great Resignation, the increase in remote workers, the seachange in candidate priorities, and job insecurity, the 2020s have brought an increase in stress to recruiters. In fact, in a recent survey, 61% of recruiters reported that their stress has increased, with nearly 20% indicating that it has increased drastically.

When organizations are strapped for funds, hiring more recruiters to ease the burden of this stress is no longer an option. IDWs can increase recruiting productivity, provide constant candidate support, and ease the burden for your recruiting team. 

Accelerate your growth 

Intelligent digital workers help your recruiting and sales teams boost productivity throughout the recruiting cycle, enable your team to move faster on urgent leads, and increase incoming leads.

  • Hyperautomation takes manual tasks off your recruiters’ plates so they can focus on relationship building.
  • AI chatbots can increase leads by answering FAQs, remaining available 24/7 365, and qualifying candidates automatically.
  • Engage the most qualified candidates with responsive, personalized chat messages, AI-facilitated text messages, and live chat directly from MS Teams and Slack.
  • A fully integrated tech stack, driven by AI-powered IDWs, brings website leads, inbound leads, and messages from all platforms into one place.
  • Dynamically route leads directly to your ATS so your team can respond to job-ready leads faster.
  • Real-time alerts enabled fast action and response times on the most sought-after candidates.

By investing in the latest generation of AI, your staffing firm will be able to accelerate growth through increased productivity, more leads, faster response times, and a better candidate experience, all without increasing your headcount.

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