Focus of Georgia Partners with Staffing Engine to Redesign Chatbot Conversations and 2x Website Leads [Case Study]


Since early 1994, Focus of Georgia has been staffing metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia with admin/clerical, call center, technical, and accounting/finance positions.

The Focus team had an existing chatbot on their website but felt there was room for improvement. The integration with their ATS Bullhorn was lightweight and the contacts they were connecting with weren’t always fully qualified.

Rene Beach, who manages sales and marketing operations at Focus and FocusITstaff, was in need of a solution that was better integrated with Bullhorn, set up to better qualify candidates, and had a more responsive implementation and customer experience team.


The Challenge: Low-quality website leads that weren’t integrated into their workflow


The team at Focus knew the previous chatbot on the website wasn’t performing as well as they wanted. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to improve its functionality, they knew it was time to look for an alternative solution to increase the number of website visitors they were converting.

And they didn’t want to build everything like they had with their previous vendor.


“We had to build our own chatbot so everything was sort of like bagging your own groceries. And so, it was a lot. We weren’t getting great results but felt like there was a lot of opportunity there.”

Rene Beach
Sales & Marketing Operations
at Focus and FocusITstaff

Their Bullhorn integration was lightweight, unreliable, and would only update existing candidates, leaving manual busy work to add new leads. That disconnect in the process meant many good opportunities were being missed.

Rene and the Focus team felt like there had to be a better solution that would fully integrate with Bullhorn and speed up their process.

“It did not create a new record if someone wasn’t already in Bullhorn, so then I had to enter those. I am in love with not entering that information now with Staffing Engine.”

Rene Beach
Sales & Marketing Operations
at Focus and FocusITstaff

The Solution: New smart qualifying questions and lead routing fully integrated with their tech stack

With Staffing Engine, Focus was able to fully integrate Bullhorn, redesign their qualification questions, and double the number of leads they were getting from their website.

One of the goals Rene had was to better qualify leads so they were getting into conversations with candidates they could help place.

“We're trying to reduce the number of people that are reaching out who we can't put to work. So when someone applies through the chatbot we added two extra questions. That's helped a lot to let us know if it's even someone that we can place and how much of a relationship to build with that person.”

Rene Beach
Sales & Marketing Operations
at Focus and FocusITstaff

Working with the Staffing Engine onboarding team, Rene was able to have help in redesigning the conversations.

Casey Bernart and Ryan Wiggins from the Staffing Engine Customer Experience team worked with the Focus team to understand the best way to qualify and route the new leads.

“I love that I knew exactly what was going on all the time. That makes me so happy. You know, a lot of times with implementation, no matter what the product is you really don't know where you are or what's going on during implementation or if progress is being made, or if anyone cares about you.”

Rene Beach
Sales & Marketing Operations
at Focus and FocusITstaff

After redesigning the conversation flows, the next priority was to fully integrate Bullhorn.

Several of the Staffing Engine team members formerly worked at Bullhorn and understand it can be intimidating to get everything set up correctly with a new integration like this.

“Ryan just took the integration over completely and communicated with Bullhorn so I didn't have to be the go-between. I'm not an engineer.” 

“The integration you have is really nice. When a new candidate applies through the chatbot, that file is created in Bullhorn. It's just one less thing to do.”

Rene Beach
Sales & Marketing Operations
at Focus and FocusITstaff

New candidates or contacts are now automatically added to Bullhorn with the specific properties mapped to the correct fields. No more manually entering new contacts.

Another key integration for Focus was MS Teams. With the Staffing Engine MS Teams integration, notifications can be easily managed in channels speeding up Focus’ ability to respond to opportunities.

It's very easy. We're in Teams all day anyway. So the ability to respond through MS Teams is much better than email. With the number of emails we get in a day, another email can be easily ignored, so the integration with Teams has been phenomenal.

And I like that I can mark conversations as complete after I've replied. Sometimes I'm juggling so many things at the same time, so the ability to mark that I have completed that conversation is helpful.

Rene Beach
Sales & Marketing Operations
at Focus and FocusITstaff

The Results: Streamlined process that doubled leads from the website with qualified candidates

In Focus of Georgia’s first 90 days, they generated hundreds of bot conversations, converted 37 candidates, and routed 91 candidates to open jobs.

First 90 days:






Job Search Requests

Rene and the team at Focus were able to turn their website from somewhere to just look up information into a place to engage and convert candidates and clients in real time.

By working with the Staffing Engine team, Rene was able to create calls-to-action that convert and a more engaging bot conversation flow that accelerated their recruiting.

About Focus of Georgia

Focus of Georgia was founded in June of 1994 by Amy and Bryan Shockley, who still run the company. Amy grew up in the staffing business, working in her father’s staffing firm, Crown Services. Since early 2006, they have concentrated their efforts on serving the metro Atlanta market, as well as the entire state of Georgia.

About Staffing Engine

Staffing Engine is the world’s first Recruiting Acceleration Platform™ that enables staffing firms to speed up their recruiting lifecycle, place more candidates and accelerate growth. Staffing Engine combines conversational AI bots, meeting booking, live chat, and integrations with the staffing tech stack to scale the number of candidates recruiters can manage and enable your staffing firm to become available on-demand 24/7.