Partners Personnel Leverages Staffing Engine AI to Scale Conversations, Increase Productivity, and Accelerate Growth [Case Study]

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Partners Personnel is a full-service staffing company with offices nationwide. They’ve experienced rapid growth since their founding in 2017 to become the 14th largest industrial staffing firm in the U.S. while expanding to over 100 branches nationwide.

Paul Sorensen, CEO at Partners Personnel, came to Staffing Engine looking to improve how they engage candidates and clients on their website and increase recruiter and sales rep productivity to continue to scale growth.

After implementing Staffing Engine, they were able to generate thousands of conversations with candidates and clients, answer questions 24/7, and book qualified meetings for recruiters and sales reps while they slept.

The Challenge: Scaling Growth and Increasing Productivity While Maintaining High-Quality Service

One of the main challenges faced by Partners Personnel was scaling their business without sacrificing the quality of service. They needed to find a way to engage candidates and clients in real-time and scale routine conversations and processes. 

The solution to these challenges was found in Staffing Engine’s award-winning AI, which enabled the Partners team to create “PartnersBot,” a branded AI that engaged candidates and clients 24/7.

The Solution: Scaling Conversations and Accelerating Routine Processes with AI

Partners Personnel understood the importance of real-time messaging in today’s world. By opening up new messaging channels to easily chat, they reduced friction in their process and connected with more candidates and clients. PartnersBot, also acted as their AI-powered assistant, allowing them to scale communication and follow-up, ensuring every candidate had a great experience.

The Result: Thousands of New Conversations and Accelerated Growth

The implementation of PartnersBot enabled Partners Personnel to engage visitors 24/7, convert more visitors into leads, and book meetings for their recruiters and sales reps. 

They generated 14,000+ conversations, 800+ leads, and booked 300+ meetings, contributing to the company’s accelerated growth.

Additionally, PartnersBot enabled AI-powered text messaging campaigns for follow-ups, allowing them to maintain and scale relationships with placed candidates. The ability to record and track these conversations in their database helped improve service consistency and scalability.

Here are their impressive stats:

By leveraging the power of Staffing Engine’s AI, Partners Personnel has successfully scaled their conversations, increased productivity, and accelerated growth. 

As CEO Paul Sorensen aptly stated, “When we automate a lot of these workflows, we’re improving the scalability of our business and at the same time improving our consistency of excellent service. If we can combine more scalability with better service, that’s a recipe for transformation.”

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