Partners Personnel Leverages Staffing Engine AI to Scale Conversations, Increase Productivity, and Accelerate Growth


Partners Personnel is a full-service staffing company with offices nationwide. They’ve experienced rapid growth since their founding in 2017 to become the 14th largest industrial staffing firm in the U.S. while expanding to over 100 branches nationwide.

Paul Sorensen, CEO at Partners Personnel, came to Staffing Engine looking to improve how they engage candidates and clients on their website and increase recruiter and sales rep productivity to continue to scale growth.

After implementing Staffing Engine, they were able to generate thousands of conversations with candidates and clients, answer questions 24/7, and book qualified meetings for recruiters and sales reps while they slept.

Here’s how they did it.


The Challenge: Scale growth and increase productivity while maintaining high-quality service


“I frequently think, how do we scale this business? One of our biggest constraints is that so much of our work is manual. So in order to scale, we have to hire people, we have to train them, and really get them into our culture,” said Partners CEO Paul Sorensen. 

Our first challenge was to improve the website experience to enable more self-service and better engage visitors. The Partners team had a nice modern website, but they didn’t have a way to engage visitors in real-time conversations and answer quick questions while they were engaged and browsing their website.  

Another challenge was to scale their ability to continue to follow up with placed candidates to maintain the relationship. “We have a standard in our company where we do a first-day follow-up with new employees on their assignments. But then, there's no real programmatic follow-up after that,” Paul continued.  


We get so busy in the branch we just can't get to it all. And we can't give that to a recruiter when they're already maxed out.

Paul Sorensen
CEO at
Partners Personnel


The challenge was to scale these routine conversations and processes to not only increase productivity but also continue to deliver a high-quality experience that keeps candidates coming back. 

Here’s how Staffing Engine’s award-winning AI enabled the Partners team to create “PartnersBot,” their own branded AI, to scale conversations, increase productivity, and engage candidates and clients 24/7.  


The Solution: Scale conversations using real-time messaging and accelerate routine processes with the latest generation of AI

In today’s job market, the candidate is now in control and they have many choices of who they want to work with. If your firm doesn’t make it easy and convenient to connect with, they move on to the next competitor who is.

In order to meet the top talent where they are, the Partners team understood they needed to offer the ability for candidates and clients to quickly chat to connect using real-time messaging channels.

“Messaging has become such a foundation for interpersonal communication. It's how we communicate with our family and friends. More and more our clients, customers, and employees expect to interact with us the same way because it's convenient.”

Paul Sorensen
CEO at
Partners Personnel

By implementing easy-to-use messaging channels, Partners was able to reduce the friction in their process to enable more self-service and connect with more candidates and clients.

They also were able to use PartnersBot to scale follow-up with candidates using AI-powered text messages that included dynamic rules to make sure every candidate has a great experience.

The Result: Thousands of new conversations, hundreds of qualified meetings booked, and AI messaging campaigns to scale relationships

“What initially sold us was it just seemed like we really should have a chatbot on our website, and the idea that people can self-serve to connect with a recruiter or an account executive.”

Paul Sorensen
CEO at
Partners Personnel

By adding PartnersBot to their website they were able to enable visitors to ask questions 24/7, live chat with recruiters and sales reps, and convert more visitors into leads. “What really was attractive to us was the idea of our team waking up to new appointments on their agenda. That's what we're shooting for with our sales force and recruiters.”

Since starting with Staffing Engine, PartnersBot has been able to generate 14,000+ conversations, convert 800+ leads, and book 300+ meetings for their recruiters and sales reps.


The next opportunity Paul and the Partners team noticed was their ability to scale follow-up with placed candidates using Staffing Engine AI messaging campaigns.

After checking out of a hotel and getting a “How was your stay?” text message, Paul thought, “Wow, what if we could do a 30-day check-in that would show candidates that we're thinking of them, and give them an opportunity to give us feedback and to keep them engaged in the relationship.”

We enabled PartnersBot to send AI-powered text messages that asked about their experience. If the candidate responded negatively, PatnersBot would initiate the best next steps for someone to investigate and triage.

“We needed those messages to go back to a place where they're being recorded on the candidate profile and that we can meaningfully report and quickly distribute for follow-up if people had a poor experience,” said Jonathon Thompson, VP IT at Partners Personnel.

By tracking and recording all these new follow-up conversations in their Tempworks database, they were able to scale the number of candidates they could stay on top of and build relationships.

“Another one that I think is just as important is checking in with the associate 24 hours before their first shift begins to RSVP and confirm they'll be there. That could enable us to avoid a service failure.”

By investing in their own branded AI, the Partners team was able to put PartnersBot to work and they’ve been able to put up some impressive stats.

Since starting with Staffing Engine, Partners Personnel has generated:




Candidates Submissions


Client Submissions


Meetings Booked


Questions Answered


Customer Bot Rating

(Out of 5)

“When we automate a lot of these workflows with AI, we're improving the scalability of our business and at the same time improving our consistency of excellent service. If we can combine more scalability with better service, that's a recipe for transformation.”

Paul Sorensen
CEO at
Partners Personnel

Leveraging the latest generation of AI, the Partners team has been able to start thousands of additional conversations, increase their recruiter and sales reps' productivity, and accelerate growth.

“When we automate a lot of these workflows with AI, we're improving the scalability of our business and at the same time improving our consistency of excellent service. If we can combine more scalability with better service, that's a recipe for transformation.” - Paul Sorensen, CEO of Partners Personnel.

About Partners Personnel

Partners Personnel has experienced rapid growth since its founding in 2017 to becoming the 14th largest industrial staffing firm in the U.S. while expanding to over 100 branches nationwide. The strength of its culture as an SIA Best Staffing Firm to Work For and the focused purpose of “helping people and organizations improve” has fueled this rapid growth. In addition to its core strength in the light industrial space, Partners has leveraged its capabilities, successful business model, and industry know-how to add Specialty Divisions to further serve its growing customer and associate base while continuing to provide exceptional service and a more personalized approach to staffing.

About Staffing Engine

Staffing Engine is the world’s first Recruiting Acceleration Platform™ that enables staffing firms to speed up their recruiting lifecycle, place more candidates and accelerate growth. Staffing Engine combines conversational AI bots, meeting booking, live chat, and integrations with the staffing tech stack to scale the number of candidates recruiters can manage and enable your staffing firm to become available on-demand 24/7.