Staffing Engine Featured as Bullhorn Marketplace Partner for AI

Andrew KimmellAI, Bullhorn, Recruiting Acceleration

We’re excited to share that Staffing Engine is featured as a Bullhorn Marketplace Partner for AI! From the beginning, our team has been focused on bringing the newest generation of AI to the Bullhorn ecosystem to accelerate the recruiting process.  

We started by enabling staffing firms to brand their own AI and integrate it directly with Bullhorn to put Engine AI Chatbots to work scaling conversations, speeding up qualification, booking meetings, and creating an overall better website experience. 

With thousands of additional conversations happening 24/7, we’ve been able to double the number of website leads for our customers. We integrate all of that conversation history and data directly back into your Bullhorn database including any custom-mapped properties. 

After implementing award-winning conversational AI with Bullhorn, we continued on to the next frontier, generative AI. 

Now with the Staffing Engine ChatGPT integration, we’re launching our new EngineGPT features to bring generative AI to Bullhorn! Your recruiters and sales reps will be able to install the Staffing Engine AI Assistant Chrome Extension to use right in their current Bullhorn workflow. 

Here’s a teaser of what you’ll be able to do with our new Engine AI Assistant and EngineGPT features: 

  • Send real-time recruiting alerts to instantly click and open Bullhorn
  • Increase visibility into your recruiting process for more actionable insights 
  • Speed up response times to hot leads
  • Distribute leads dynamically with AI 
  • Drive better overall Bullhorn adoption
  • Instantly click to use EngineGPT generative AI features 
  • Generate candidate submittals customized with job orders in seconds
  • Safely give your team the power of ChatGPT without exposing any of your sensitive data   

To learn more about our entire suite of Recruiting Acceleration AI products for Bullhorn you can meet our team at Engage Boston 2023 or schedule a demo here today!