Introducing the Staffing Engine AI Assistant: Accelerate your Staffing Firm with the Power of ChatGPT and AI

Andrew KimmellAI, Bullhorn, Recruiting Acceleration

Messy email inboxes are where deals go to die. Despite your team’s best intentions, candidates often disappear in your recruiters’ inboxes, lost between meeting requests, industry news, and spam. 

Forcing your team to stay organized in an email inbox and stay on top of every detail of your recruiting process is an uphill battle. 

Simply put, these inboxes aren’t built for productivity.   

Even the most organized reps and recruiters can lag in responding to incoming talent and prospective clients, and each minute squandered can cost your agency money.

And repetitive manual tasks cause burnout and take away from the human touch and relationship-building they could be doing.  

That’s why we created the Staffing Engine AI Assistant

Whether sourcing talent on Linkedin, searching a job board, or digging through Bullhorn, the Staffing Engine Al Assistant Chrome Extension will follow your team to help accelerate their workflow.  

They’ll be updated on new recruiting activity in real-time so they can take immediate action and have access to new EngineGPT generative AI features to reduce repetitive tasks down from hours into minutes.  

With our new Staffing Engine AI Assistant you’ll be able to:

  • Instantly click to use EngineGPT generative AI features 
  • Generate candidate submittals customized with job orders in seconds
  • Send real-time recruiting alerts to click and open Bullhorn instantly
  • Increase visibility into your recruiting process for more actionable insights 
  • Speed up response times to hot leads
  • Distribute leads dynamically with AI 
  • Drive better overall Bullhorn adoption

Now you can give your recruiters and sales reps the power of ChatGPT and the newest generation of Recruiting Acceleration AI.

Let’s break it down. 

Accelerate your staffing firm with new generative AI

Manual repetitive work slows your firm down. Now with the advances in AI, there’s no reason for your team to repeat the same processes over and over again. Not only does it waste time, but it saps vital energy, making it that much harder for your recruiters to make connections and for your reps to close deals.

Our Staffing Engine ChatGPT integration lets your staffing firm tap into the latest in AI to take on those repetitive tasks so your team doesn’t have to.

Generate candidate submittals in minutes with ChatGPT 

Now you can enable your team to use generative AI features that safely give them the power of ChatGPT. 

Your team will be able to instantly click to pull a candidate profile and job order to generate a customized candidate write-up in seconds. After generated they can copy the write-up to edit or submit right into Bullhorn turning what used to take an hour down to minutes. 

Increase productivity and respond faster to hot opportunities

If your team is like most, Inbox Zero is a mythical state. Most inboxes are messy, places where important information can be easily misplaced or overlooked. What’s more, email is slow. It’s not uncommon to wait an entire day to hear back on an email. 

Email is for communication, not notifications. 

Staffing Engine Alerts rise above the rest of the noise. These real-time alerts are as immediate as notifications on your smartphone. Now your team can instantly open Bullhorn or easily click to use EngineGPT generative AI features.  

Distribute leads faster with AI

In staffing and recruiting, the phrase “time kills all deals” is more relevant than ever before. If your leads aren’t being appropriately routed to the best team member, this costs you valuable time. And if your team isn’t responding fast enough to prospective candidates and clients, those leads will quickly move on to a competitor who won’t drop the ball. 

Staffing Engine uses dynamic AI lead distribution logic to route candidate and client leads to the right team member and send real-time alerts to ensure that they can respond faster to new opportunities while they’re hot.

Instantly take action and drive Bullhorn adoption 

Another big challenge is getting your team fully on board with your ATS adoption. No matter how trained and tuned into your recruiting process your team is, there are often inconsistencies that lead to poor candidate experience, dropped communication, and less-reliable data. 

With real-time alerts from your recruiting process, your team will be constantly directed to the opportunity to take action in Bullhorn, which helps improve adoption, encourage consistency, and increase responsiveness. 

Your team will be able to stay in the loop and take immediate action for candidates and clients.

Stay on top of every detail of the recruiting process 

Maintaining all these information streams, attending to candidates at different phases in their journey, and keeping clients happy is a lot of work for your team. Managing so many different moving parts can be tough, even for the best teams.

To help your team stay on top of the most important details, notifications can be flagged and favorited, so your team can easily remember to come back to them later. 

And productivity isn’t just about checking off items on a to-do list. Giving shoutouts to team members for each success is motivating and can boost your team’s productivity, too. Your entire team can get a notification when a placement is made, adding more opportunities for celebrating success and an extra reward for a job well done.

Opt into real-time recruiting alerts and get a window into your staffing firm’s activity   

Let’s face it, your team has a ton of information coming their way. The last thing they need is another source of irrelevant or overwhelming noise. They want their notifications to help them focus on what’s most important to them.

With the Engine AI Assistant, your team can opt into the notifications that are most relevant to them, including candidates and jobs added, client submissions, interviews, submissions, placements, and more.   

Management can even follow teams of users to give you a window into all your recruiting activity, in real-time. With one easy-to-read feed, you can get insight into the most urgent needs anywhere in your organization.

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