Horizontal Talent Increases Productivity, Turning Hours into Minutes with the Staffing Engine AI Assistant

Andrew KimmellCase Study, Recruiting Acceleration

When we asked Maddie Walker, Senior Product Operations Manager at Horizontal Talent, how Staffing Engine AI Assistant has been working for her team, she told us a story about how the tool saved her Friday evening:

“One of my work girlfriends was in town a few weeks ago, and she had already started to hear about Staffing Engine. We were sitting at a restaurant, and she realized, ‘I’ve got to get these submissions done. Right now. It’s going to take me over an hour.’ She was stressed out.

Maddie said, ‘Do you want to use my login and test out the AI? It can generate the write-ups for you.”

And she said, ‘Wait, seriously? No way!’

She tried it out and generated the submissions in 15 minutes. We got back to enjoying our evening. She was so excited. She couldn’t get over it.”

Whether working on the go or in the office, Horizontal’s team is dedicated to using technology to best serve their candidates and clients. 

Before they started using Staffing Engine AI, their team struggled with manual tasks and slow email-based lead notifications that impeded their team’s efficiency.

Horizontal partnered with Staffing Engine to speed up the recruiting process, connect with candidates faster, and improve productivity. Here’s how.