Horizontal Talent Increases Productivity Turning Hours into Minutes with the Staffing Engine AI Assistant


When we asked Maddie Walker, Senior Product Operations Manager at Horizontal Talent, how Staffing Engine AI Assistant has been working for her team, she told us a story about how the tool saved her Friday evening:

"One of my work girlfriends was in town a few weeks ago, and she had already started to hear about Staffing Engine. We were sitting at a restaurant, and she realized, 'I've got to get these submissions done. Right now. It's going to take me over an hour.' She was stressed out.

Maddie said, 'Do you want to use my login and test out the AI? It can generate the write-ups for you.'

And she said, 'Wait, seriously? No way!'

She tried it out and generated the submissions in 15 minutes. We got back to enjoying our evening. She was so excited. She couldn't get over it."

Whether working on the go or in the office, Horizontal's team is dedicated to using technology to best serve their candidates and clients. 

Before they started using Staffing Engine AI, their team struggled with manual tasks and slow email-based lead notifications that impeded their team's efficiency.

Horizontal partnered with Staffing Engine to speed up the recruiting process, connect with candidates faster, and improve productivity. Here's how.


The Old Way: Sluggish manual processes and delayed email notifications slowed Horizontal's recruiting process


Like many staffing firms, Horizontal's team relied on manual processes out of necessity. Until recently, there was no other option.

In fact, most recruiters would be as shocked as Maddie's friend to find there's an easier way to tackle some of the most time-consuming aspects of their jobs.

The Horizontal team created boolean searches manually, wrote client job descriptions manually, and created submittals manually. This added up to hundreds of hours of work per recruiter that couldn't be offloaded or outsourced. 

They also relied on email notifications for important next steps in the candidate journey. Often time-sensitive information would get lost in messy inboxes, resulting in delays in candidate outreach or lead routing.

Searching for a way to put the power of AI to work on the most time-consuming and inefficient aspects of their process, Horizontal partnered with Staffing Engine.


The New Way: Accelerated processes with AI integrated into Bullhorn to boost productivity

Horizontal adopted the Staffing Engine AI Assistant, which works seamlessly over Bullhorn, Linkedin, or any other website as a Chrome extension. It’s deeply integrated with Bullhorn to send real-time notifications, use GPT features, and interact with your Bullhorn database.

The Horizontal team was able to tap into Staffing EngineGPT, which gives recruiters and sales reps the power of generative AI integrated with Bullhorn.

They were able to boost adoption of their ATS with tools like boolean string generation.


"With Staffing Engine, we have an easy product we've added to Bullhorn. You put the job description in, and it generates the boolean string for you," said Walker.

"Staffing Engine encourages recruiters to stay in Bullhorn. It allows us to recoup more of our investment in Bullhorn, too."

Maddie Walker
Senior Product Operations Manager
at Horizontal Talent

The results: Horizontal slashed time spent on manual processes by up to 93%

As seen from Walker's restaurant story, Staffing Engine’s AI slashed time spent on submittals by 75%, allowing a recruiter to finish an hour-long task in 15 minutes. And that's just a single hour of work done more efficiently by a single employee – her first time using the tool.

Extrapolate that kind of time savings to Horizontal's entire team of 60 recruiters, and you can imagine the kind of extra sourcing, relationship-building, and revenue-generating power the team is realizing.

Walker shared another story with us to illustrate how Staffing EngineGPT also helps on the client side. One of Horizontal's account managers has been bringing on a new client, who sends over huge batches of up to 100 jobs each month. In the past, the account manager had to manually write up each complete job description for each one.

Walker showed him the job description write-up feature in Staffing Engine. He was floored.

"He said, 'I just spent 45 minutes on one job description and what Staffing Engine produced is better. You mean I can spend three minutes tweaking these job descriptions and just crank them out?' His mind was blown."

Maddie Walker
Senior Product Operations Manager
at Horizontal Talent

The account manager, who was still in the process of bringing on the client, was excited to show Horizontal's commitment to efficiency by showing the client the tool, too.

In short, Horizontal was able to slash the time it took to create submittals by 75% and the time it took to create job descriptions by 93%.

With Staffing Engine Alerts, Horizontal was also able to get recruiters out of their inboxes and back into Bullhorn. With real-time notifications of the most important action items, their team is able to take action faster and is never delayed by a lost email notification.


The Horizontal team is continuing to invest in the Staffing Engine Recruiting Acceleration AI suite. By meeting each team member where they are, AI is giving both seasoned and new recruiters the edge they need to improve their workflows, boost productivity, and place candidates faster.

About Horizontal Talent

“Treat your clients, consultants and internal employees well, and never stop innovating.” - Jeremy Langevin, Cofounder & CEO, Talent 

Since Horizontal's formation in 2003, these words have been the guiding perspective that has delivered continual growth and landed us in the top 2% of all staffing companies worldwide.

At Horizontal, we pride ourselves on matching exceptional talent with outstanding companies. 

Whether it’s hiring great candidates or landing the perfect IT, marketing & creative or business strategy job, Horizontal will help enable your business. 

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About Maddie Walker

As the Senior Product Operations Manager for Horizontal Talent, she manages all implementations/rollouts of new and existing technologies that our U.S. Recruiters, Account Managers, and Operations team members use daily, which include (but are not limited to) job boards, sourcing tools, sales tools, automation platforms, AI platforms, project management tools, screening technologies, etc. New technologies are consistently evaluated to ensure they are providing the best tools for their team members. She also oversees and negotiates vendor contracts. Additionally, Walker works across various departments to streamline technology, identify areas of improvement in processes, and works directly with their corporate trainer to ensure all employees have the resources in their “toolbox” to be successful at Horizontal.

About Staffing Engine

Staffing Engine is the world’s first Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform that enables staffing firms to increase productivity, operate 24/7, and accelerate growth. With the Engine AI suite of products, staffing firms can leverage the next generation of AI to make their recruiters and sales reps more profitable, speed-up response times, and create an on-demand connection to candidates and clients.