The Power of Video for Sales: How to Win More Clients for Your Staffing Firm

Josie BentlageRecruiting Acceleration, Video

Have you ever seen *Legally Blonde*? 

Let’s face it, Elle Woods was not the ideal Harvard candidate, and she knew this. So, how did she overcome this? 

A video resume. Genius. 

Years later, many of us find ourselves in the same boat. We are speaking to clients, and they may not necessarily be able to immediately see that we are the right fit for their pain. So, what do I do? 

I do what Elle Woods would do: I send videos using Vidyard. But I didn’t have my video sales revelation until I was a few years into my career; it was not as quick as a bend and snap. 

So here’s how I was able to overcome the fear of the camera and start using video outreach for sales. 

From Cold Calls to LinkedIn: The Transformation of Multi-Channel Sales Outreach 

Experienced sales pros know that sales strategies are in a constant state of evolution. Various factors, including the nature of the product or service, the target audience, and the timing of outreach efforts, all contribute to what’s required to secure sales.

My journey into SaaS sales started in 2021 when I meticulously honed my skills in crafting compelling cold calls that yielded success at the time. 

However, it wasn’t until I embraced a multi-channel approach, integrating email and LinkedIn outreach, that I truly understood the effect of combining these communication methods. 

Admittedly, as someone not particularly inclined towards social media, recognizing the power of LinkedIn was a revelation (thank you Matt Dichter). 

To any prospective clients reading this, sorry for the persistent (yet professional) follow-ups. 

When leveraged correctly, the combination of LinkedIn outreach, phone calls, voicemails, and emails throughout the day consistently produced decent results.

This approach continued to serve me well until I encountered a pivotal shift with video selling (yes, inspired by legally blonde ha!). 

Video Selling: the Legally Blonde Approach to Winning Clients

Think about Elle Woods’ attention-grabbing video application to Harvard Law School in “Legally Blonde”. I realized the potential of leveraging video content to engage potential prospects within the staffing industry.

Here’s an example of one of my videos:

Feeling motivated to record a video? Here are few things to think about to get started using video in your outreach strategy: 

  • Get the gist: Write a script you can practice getting straight to the point. Using a tool like Promptr can help make it easy to read the script live. (thank you Travis Arnold
  • Adopt a video platform: Give Vidyard and others a whirl. I found that just recording videos on my phone works well too but Vidyard gives you many more options to personalize your videos. 
  • Start simple: Begin with short simple vids to ease in. I had to start with shorter videos to gain confidence and practice looking into the camera. 
  • Keep it up: Make vids regularly to build confidence. Practice helps overcome the uncomfortable feeling of recording yourself. I don’t think twice when I go to send a video to a prospect now.
  • Learn from the pros: Watch successful sellers for inspiration. I spent time watching others’ videos to see which types of techniques work best. 
  • Get creative: Experiment with your vids, don’t hold back. Don’t just stick to one script, I have a bunch of different videos depending on what I want to share and who I’m sending the videos to. 
  • Keep ’em hooked: Focus on making your content engaging. The best way to do this is by looking into the camera, trust me. 
  • Take it slow: Chip away at any fear or nerves you have about video selling. There’s no rush to being perfect at it day 1, as uncomfortable as it is, send your practice videos to your team and ask for feedback. 

Video selling transcends industry boundaries—whether you’re vying for a job, seeking clients for your staffing and recruiting agency, or promoting a new startup venture. Video selling can be a game-changer.

Despite its presence for several years, the reluctance to adopt this approach continues to persist. Consider this your prompt—take the leap and reap the rewards.

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