Introducing Staffing Engine AI Distribution: Dynamically Route Leads in Real-Time to Respond Faster and Place More Candidates

Andrew KimmellAI, Recruiting Acceleration

In staffing and recruiting, the phrase “time kills all deals” is more relevant than ever. If your leads are sitting in a messy shared email inbox waiting to be manually distributed, you’re losing valuable time and placements. 

The 2023 State of Staffing Report shows that more than half of the fast-growth staffing firms respond to new leads within an hour. On the other hand, slower growth agencies can take hours, even days, to get back to them. Now, put yourself in the shoes of the candidates or clients. Would you wait around? Probably not.

If your team isn’t responding fast enough to leads, they’ll quickly move on to a competitor who won’t drop the ball. 

That’s why we built Staffing Engine AI Distribution.

Now you can accelerate your staffing firm by using AI to instantly connect hot leads with the best team member, speed up response times, and make sure you never miss an opportunity to make a placement ever again.   

Here’s how it works. 

Dynamically distribute leads in real-time with the power of AI

Now you can integrate the latest generation AI into your job board, mobile app, and all of your lead sources to dynamically distribute leads in real-time.    

Our Engine AI then uses dynamic routing rules, based on the structure of your staffing firm, to send your recruiters and sales reps a real-time alert right to MS Teams or Slack to ensure that they respond fast to new opportunities while they’re hot.

Automatically scan lead data to add or update in Bullhorn

The moment a new lead lands, our Engine AI will quickly parse the data and do a reverse lookup in Bullhorn to add or update the contact. 

And we’re able to directly map the lead data to your specific Bullhorn properties, eliminating manual time wasted entering leads and improving your overall data quality. 

Send real-time lead notifications to MS Teams / Slack to ensure follow-up

Email inboxes aren’t made for productivity. They’re overflowing with junk and important new leads can easily go missed. 

Now you can send your team real-time lead notifications right to MS Teams or Slack so they can speed up their time to respond.  

You’ll be able to alert the right recruiter or sales rep with an easy-to-read lead summary they can click to instantly open the Bullhorn candidate or job profile. 

After a lead has been received and a response sent, your team can click a lead follow-up button on the MS Teams or Slack notification to ensure they get to everyone and your firm never misses a hot opportunity.     

Ready to learn more about AI-powered lead distribution for your staffing firm? You can get a demo here of our full Recruiting Acceleration AI platform for staffing firms.