Introducing Engine Alerts: Recruit Faster with Real-Time Bullhorn Notifications

Andrew KimmellBullhorn, Recruiting Acceleration, Tech Stack

If you’ve ever worked in staffing then the phrase “Time kills all deals” is very familiar to you. 

Minutes can be the difference between a lost opportunity and a placement. This might sound like an exaggeration, but how many times have you talked to a candidate about a job and they reluctantly tell you that another firm just submitted them?  

Candidates today expect a quick response or they’ll move on to the next competitor if your team isn’t on top of it. 

Email notifications worked when they were introduced, but as we have all experienced, our inboxes can be a mess. We get a barrage of emails every day that aren’t urgent and end up clogging up our ability to see the important stuff. 

That’s why we built Engine Alerts for Bullhorn

Introducing Engine Alerts: Real-Time Bullhorn Notifications 

We’re super excited to introduce our latest product to the Staffing Engine Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform, Engine Alerts for Bullhorn. 

With Engine Alerts, you can enable your team to receive real-time Bullhorn notifications to react faster to opportunities, increase productivity, and place more candidates. 

Getting your team to live in Bullhorn isn’t easy. Whether they’re sourcing talent on LinkedIn or searching for that perfect resume on a job board, the Engine Alerts Chrome Extension will follow them. Alert them to new activity in Bullhorn requiring immediate attention, and allow them to take action on those essential items faster than ever.

That means increasing your speed to respond and thus dramatically improving your candidate and client experience.  

Recruiters, sales reps, and managers are able to opt-in to the type of Bullhorn activity that matters most to them, so they aren’t getting bogged down by notifications that don’t pertain to them.

With Engine Alerts, you’ll be able to speed up your time to respond, time to submit, and inevitably your overall time to place. 

Instantly take action and drive Bullhorn adoption – Getting your team trained and tuned into your recruiting process can be tricky. With real-time alerts on activity in Bullhorn, your team can stay in the loop and take immediate action.

Get a window into your recruiting process – Email inboxes aren’t made for real-time notifications. With Engine Alerts, you can filter alerts in your activity to easily see exactly what’s been happening all in one easy-to-read feed. 

Increase productivity and react to opportunities faster – Emails get lost in messy inboxes and should be for communication and relationship-building, not notifications. With Engine Alerts, your team can instantly open Bullhorn from any webpage.  

Motivate with team-wide placement alerts – Giving shoutouts to team members for performance is motivating. With Engine Alerts, you can centralize your notifications and send placement notifications to your entire team.  

Choose alerts that matter most to you – Opt into alerts including candidates and jobs added, client submissions, interviews, submissions, placements, and more.   

Stay on top of every detail of the process – Staying on top of everything happening in the recruiting process can be tough. By favoriting alerts, you can easily “remember” essential items and come back to them later. 

Close the loop on remote work – With hybrid or remote work plans it can be hard to stay connected. With Staffing Engine, you can integrate MS Teams or Slack with your Bullhorn database to keep everyone on the same page. 

Ready to start recruiting in real-time?

Ready to get your team out of messy email inboxes where things get lost? It’s super easy for recruiters and sales reps to get started. Here’s how it works. 

#1. Connect Bullhorn to Staffing Engine – Easily connect our award-winning AI to your Bullhorn instant to create the connection to send alerts.  

#2. Opt-in to the notifications that matter most – Install the Engine Alerts Chrome Extension and quickly toggle on the type of alerts that matter most depending on your role. 

#3. Sit back and let our Engine AI go to work – Once set up your team just has to get ready to react to new alerts and click to instantly open Bullhorn.