How to Accelerate Recruiting with Staffing Engine Meetings

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Finding qualified candidates and getting them moving into your recruiting process is the main goal of every staffing firm. 

But when a client or candidate gets to your website and has worked up to interest to talk to you, oftentimes they’re hit with one main problem on most staffing firm websites. 

They are forced to fill out a form and wait for follow-up and to talk to someone or really get in touch with anyone. 

And that then creates the need for your recruiters to follow up manually and try to figure out what needs to happen or your salespeople, and just kind of creates a slow, frustrating experience. 

So, that’s why we’re introducing Staffing Engine Meetings to allow you to deliver qualified candidate meetings automatically to your recruiter’s calendars.

That happens by enabling Staffing Engine Bots on your website to ask qualifying questions, get people engaged, you’re going to convert more website visitors, and then directly get them routed to the person that they need to book a meeting with. 

So, as opposed to this old way of form submission, email gets sent to a recruiter or salesperson. They then send an email to that person who, who reached out and, we’re talking an hour or hours, in most cases. 

The new accelerated way is where you’re able to do that all in one conversation, right on the website, right when the person is engaged and has worked up that energy and interest to get in touch with you.

Not only will you be able to book meetings directly from your website, 24/7, and really reinvent the way that you’re converting leads and candidates on your website. 

You’ll also be able to give your recruiters and your entire team booking links so they can use them in their own email signatures, emails, text messages even all their communication, to just make things faster and easier for candidates and clients. 

This has really become a standard in many companies and other industries where they just can’t live without it.

But until today, nobody has been able to come to bring this to the staffing tech stack in a way that is integrated. 

Once a meeting is booked, that’s going to go directly to Google calendar or outlook it’s in, the official invites will get sent. 

Emails will get sent to remind the person who booked and your recruiter of when the meeting is, and then we’ll actually send it over to Bullhorn as well and update the candidate profile with an appointment so that you can track meetings booked as a metric for your team. 

We’ve kind of taken this new approach to, meeting booking, integrated with bots as well as the other parts of the tech stack, and just made it much easier for you to get this rolled out and started. 

There are three easy steps to get started. 

#1. You just set up the qualifying questions and routing rules for how you want to process the new opportunities and distribute them amongst your team. And we can set those up how however your team is organized. 

#2. The second step is you connect team members’ calendars to and create individual meeting links. So each team member will just basically just authenticate and sign in to, to make sure that they’re, you know, showing only available times and they don’t get double-booked or anything like that. 

#3. And then step three just start letting your team loose and booking meetings 10 times faster.

We’re going from an hour to two a minute, you know, minutes in terms of the time spent to an efficiency. 

That’s why we’ve introduced Staffing Engine Meetings to our Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform to help you speed up this process and go from the old way to the new accelerated way and place more candidates.

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