CrossMed Speeds-Up Response Times and Accelerates Time-to-Place with Staffing Engine AI Distribution

Andrew KimmellAI, Bullhorn, Case Study

When we sat down with Bridget Weber, CEO of CrossMed, and asked her to describe how the agency used to distribute leads to recruiters before partnering with us, she said with a laugh: “Do I have to tell you? It was a mess.”

Like many healthcare staffing firms, CrossMed was making do with unreliable, manual lead distribution. It was riddled with redundancies and bottlenecks and left the team in the dark about the efficacy of their sourcing efforts. 

And it wasn’t just a pain for the CrossMed team – it was slowing down their entire recruiting process. It wasn’t keeping up with the needs of today’s candidates, who want an agency that can move at the speed of light – or at least the speed of AI.

CrossMed isn’t alone in trying to grow while facing these kinds of inefficiencies and breakdowns. Until recently, there simply wasn’t a streamlined, reliable way to automate lead distribution, and most agencies are still feeling that pain. 

Read on to see how CrossMed used the power of AI and automation to tackle their problem, connect with leads faster, and gain better insight into their entire recruiting cycle.