The 5 Principles of Recruiting Acceleration

Andrew KimmellRecruiting Acceleration

When you were starting up your staffing firm, it was likely a scramble to get everything moving. 

As you started to grow, you moved from sticky notes and spreadsheets to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like Bullhorn that allowed you to streamline and digitize your process. Now you’re able to scale by easily training new recruiters and giving them recruiting software to make them more productive. 

But at a certain point, you’ll have more opportunities than your team can manage by manually calling and emailing candidates and clients for everything. 

And trying to enforce too many manual processes like inputting data can start to slow recruiters down, slowing growth down. The goal should be to assist the team in getting the process done faster without losing the human touch, not drag them down.       

That’s where a Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform comes in. 

What is a Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform?  

A Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform combines conversational AI, multi-channel bots, meeting booking, and integrations with your ATS and staffing tech stack to speed up the recruiting life cycle, scale the number of conversations they can manage, and increase the productivity of your recruiters.

Think of a virtual recruiting assistant that’s always available on your website, via text, and social messaging to create a one-to-one, on-demand connection for your candidates and clients to your recruiters and salespeople. 

It can respond 24/7, ask smart qualifying questions, book meetings, and route conversations to connect candidates with recruiters in real-time.

Recruiting Acceleration AI is an entirely new category of staffing and recruiting software so we decided to break it down. 

Here are the 5 core principles that make up a Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform.

#1. Conversational 

The rise of real-time messaging channels means you no longer have to force people to get on the phone or email. You can now engage candidates and clients in conversations on your website, via text messaging, and social messaging to interact with businesses in real-time.    

#2. Smart

Now that you’re able to engage candidates on these new real-time messaging channels, you’ll need to make sure you have it backed up by conversational AI that’s smart enough to create a good experience. 

Your AI Knowledge Model (aka Bot Brain) will allow you to add FAQs and other responses to questions to teach a conversation AI the way your firm works. It should integrate with the leading industry AI libraries like Google, Watson, and AWS to use the best aspects of each and continually learn.   

#3. Scalable

Scaling the number of conversations and relationships your team can manage will allow you to grow without increasing your headcount. A virtual recruiter will allow you to connect with more candidates, ask smart qualifying questions, and route them to the correct recruiter to book qualified meetings for your team 24/7. 

You can also use conversational bots in your outreach to candidates by adding links in your automated emails in Herefish or with text messaging. 

#4. Personalized

Communicating in a human, personalized way is key in any relationship. With your new ability to scale conversions using real-time messaging, you’ll want to have all communication be personalized by integrating with your ATS so you can use merge properties to greet them by first name and reference other specific data relative to that person. 

When someone’s interacting with a bot you should be transparent about it not try to pretend it’s a real person. 

If someone does ask to “talk to a human” the bot can route them to the correct team member to manage the conversation right in MS Teams, Slack, or Google Chat.     

#5. Relationship-focused

By enabling a conversational AI assistant to become available 24/7, you can provide a one-to-one on-demand connection to your staffing firm. More communication and conversations create an on-demand experience for candidates and clients that they won’t go anywhere else for. 

Create a virtual recruiting assistant for your staffing firm

Now that you understand the essence of recruiting acceleration AI, you can start to think about how to accelerate routine conversations and routine processes with conversational AI bots to help you grow faster. 

There are use cases for bots throughout the recruiting and sales process, as well as internally for your team. The Staffing Engine team works with you to identify bot conversation flows and integrate all bot answers from candidates to go to your specific properties in your primary database like Bullhorn.   

As new leads and candidates start to roll in, custom routing rules go to specific team members or round-robin to a group of recruiters based on what works best for your firm. 

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