4 Ways to Accelerate Your Staffing Firms Productivity with Staffing Engine AI for Bullhorn

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Today staffing and recruiting firms need to work harder than ever to grow. It’s tougher to get and keep the candidate and client’s attention, trickier to move quickly without sacrificing relationships, and nearly impossible to do everything that needs to be done. 

The answer to this very modern problem requires a very modern solution. AI to accelerate the recruiting process. 

With the latest generation of AI, staffing firms can now build relationships while also increasing recruiter and sales rep productivity. Recruiting Acceleration AI is the key to helping firms speed up the manual repetitive tasks needed to keep the recruiting and sales lifecycle moving. 

And now that Staffing Engine is backed by Bullhorn Ventures, we’re bringing advanced Recruiting Acceleration AI to staffing firms that run on Bullhorn.

Let’s break down how staffing firms on Bullhorn can leverage AI to accelerate every aspect of their business.

#1. Speed up response times and improve the candidate and client experience 

Here at Staffing Engine, we believe that “time kills all deals.” It’s become our mantra. 

But when your most important notifications and alerts land in the black hole of your recruiters’ email inboxes, you lose a lot of time. 

New applications, candidate updates, and client queries shouldn’t be vying for attention with sales emails and spam messages. Instead, the work of managing client and candidate experience should take place in the tool built for just that: your ATS.

With Staffing Engine’s AI Assistant for Bullhorn, your team will never miss important notifications. They’ll get real-time notifications of important next steps directly in their browser – no matter what website they’re looking at. 

You’ll be able to motivate your team with placement alerts that are visible to everyone. And, with generative AI built into the alerts, you can instantly generate submittals with the click of a button.

#2. Invest in your staffing firm’s own proprietary AI knowledge model and custom-branded AI

You’ve likely experienced the old promises of AI, chatbots, and automated emails that aren’t very smart and a little off. These tools can alienate contacts and miss a crucial opportunity to connect with candidates and clients. 

With Staffing Engine for Bullhorn, you can customize your own proprietary AI and train an AI knowledge model with the voice and processes of your agency’s recruiting process. 

This means that everything, from the name that greets customers on your website to the language and qualifying rules the bot uses to qualify candidates and connect with clients, will represent your agency and your brand.

Staffing Engine’s AI can be adapted to and learn the intricacies of the most complex staffing use cases. Gone are the old days of chatbots that run on limited scripts, trap your contacts in dead-end conversations, and endless loops of “Sorry, I didn’t get that.” 

More advanced AI chatbots are able to adapt to your clients and candidates so they can respond to any situation that arises. 

Think of AI as an Intelligent Digital Worker – your new hire who can act as an assistant for each of your recruiters and sales reps. Since the staffing industry never stops, this new AI is reliable enough to field queries while your recruiters sleep, making your firm available around the clock.

In a business that moves as quickly as staffing and recruiting – and one that faces the ups and downs of an unpredictable market – it’s crucial that your existing staff work as efficiently as possible. 

With Recruiting Acceleration AI, you can get the most out of your team without increasing headcount or missing out on lucrative opportunities. How?

Staffing Engine helps your team offload repetitive work to AI, speed up response times, and speed up time to place. Not only does Staffing Engine’s AI help your team move faster, but it also frees up your recruiters’ and sales reps’ time so they can focus on what really matters: connecting with candidates and clients.

#3. 2-4x inbound lead conversions to placements

Our team has worked with staffing and recruiting firms for nearly two decades. And the one problem that every team has – no matter how big or small, no matter how technologically savvy – is lead distribution. 

Manual distribution of leads is a pain – candidates get sent to recruiters who are out of town or a mismatch, candidates get left on read as they work their way through the distribution process, and recruiters are often either overwhelmed or left twiddling through thumbs as leads are distributed unevenly and manually throughout an organization.

That’s why we developed Staffing Engine AI Lead Distribution. Rather than suffering through the problems of manual distribution, Bullhorn-powered firms can use our automated system. 

Staffing Engine AI listens for all inbound leads and parses the data. It automatically updates candidate records in Bullhorn and intelligently distributes leads based on a firm’s internal rules. Your recruiters and sales reps will also get real-time notifications to internal messaging systems like Slack or MS Teams to enable leads to be clicked on and claimed 

The results? We’ve been able to increase lead conversions to placements by up to 4x and cut their response time by up to 66%

#4. Eliminate repetitive manual tasks with ChatGPT for Bullhorn  

Before recently, there have only been limited ways to streamline and accelerate outreach to candidates and clients. Email and text automation were a revolution in how the industry built relationships. 

But recruiting and sales teams still had to manually write the messages that were automated – a task that could consume many of their hours each week. 

With ChatGPT, the industry finally has a tool that can help accelerate and improve outreach to candidates. ChatGPT can help recruiters craft emails to passive candidates and write the perfect interview invitation email. It can also help your sales team build out pitch decks, follow up with clients on candidate performance, and check in regularly just to say hi. 

In short, ChatGPT can be an asset to every team in your organization. For more on how to use ChatGPT to eliminate repetitive manual tasks, check out our Ultimate AI Prompt LIbrary for Staffing and Recruiting.

And now with Staffing EngineGPT features built for Bullhorn, teams can use the tool to automatically generate submittals, summarize candidate profiles, and create job descriptions with a click of a button.

Staffing Engine’s AI and Bullhorn work together seamlessly to help you save time, connect with candidates faster, and improve your gross margins. 

Want to learn more? You can schedule an AI demo here.