The 3 Levels of On-Demand: From Apps to Messaging to Bots

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All right back in the day when the iPhone first came out, I was obsessed. 

I was already playing around with my Palm trio and hacking apps onto it, mainly to watch snowboard videos. 

I just was obsessed with the idea that it would change the way businesses tried to get closer to customers.

Oh actually I have the first iPhone.

It’s amazing. So tiny. It’s so much smaller than I remember. Anyway okay so I taught myself UI UX design, and just how to design mobile apps and started just playing around mocking up ideas and doing some demo apps. 

And we ended up starting a mobile development shop and building like a hundred apps over a seven year run.

It was an amazing learning experience in software and startups the thing that we learned in particular about apps is that. Not every idea is best to be a native app. 

People got obsessed with having the icon on the phone and you know, what that meant in terms of being in your customer’s pocket to be super close to them.

But you know, the real challenge and that you have is getting someone to constantly use the app, which is not easy. 

We only use 10 apps or so, or even less a few pages regularly.

Often people would come to us with an app idea and we would recommend considering another channel. 

So like mobile web, which is much cheaper and easier to maintain or, you know, over time we ended up building a text messaging, VIP concierge for a project that just took off. 

And so in 2015, we built a texting software called Text Us that allowed businesses to text enable their existing phone numbers and start texting with customers.

So it wasn’t promotional texts, it was conversational two way text messaging, in a way to help build relationships and just engage people.

And so once you start texting, then you can send a link to open a mobile web or download an app and go to a more advanced experience.

And so what we ended up learning in reverse is that there are three levels of mobile and being on demand , and building relationships with customers. 

So level three, the most advanced is a mobile app. 

And mobile web being kind of intermediary between then level two, it would just be text messaging and text messaging really is just a simpler way for people to do certain things and you can’t solve every problem with an app.

And so level one is bots. 

Bots allow you to now be available on demand 24 seven and never accidentally ghost someone that reaches out to your business.

If you think about, if someone texts your business phone number, the bot can respond and route conversations to the right person. 

If someone visits your website, bots can respond qualify people and book meetings. You know, someone sends your business a message on social bots can respond and make sure you never leave someone hanging.

And then all those people are put into your CRM or ATS. So you know, the bots essentially just fill this gap and that’s why we started Staffing Engine.

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