New Staffing Engine Real-Time Alerts for Bullhorn to Increase Recruiter and Sales Rep Productivity [Product Update]

Andrew KimmellAI, Bullhorn

In staffing and recruiting today, responding faster than your competitors to the top talent can be the difference in making a placement. That’s why we’re excited to share the latest updates to our Recruiting Acceleration platform with you!

Our Staffing Engine AI Assistant enables your recruiters and sales reps to get real-time notifications to speed up response times and make sure they never miss a hot opportunity. If you’re new to our Chrome Extension you can learn more here.

Let’s jump into our newest updates to help you accelerate your recruiting process.

New Alerts for Job Submission and Status Changes

Our first update allows you to receive alerts based on any changes made to a Job Submission. 

You can now receive real-time notifications when:

  • An interview has been requested
  • A candidate has accepted an offer
  • Your candidate has been rejected

New Custom Alerts for Bullhorn

We can now enable custom alerts specific to your staffing firm’s use case! By integrating the newest generation of AI into Bullhorn we’re able to create alerts to notify your recruiters or sales reps of important steps in your process and enable them to react faster and increase productivity.  

New Alerts for Field Updates and Status Changes

We also now offer Engine Alerts for Bullhorn Field updates, including Status Changes for:

  • Assigned a new Candidate Lead? Get an alert when you’re added as a Candidate owner.
  • A Job Order just went from Low to High Priority? Get an alert so you can beat the competition to submittal.
  • Want to get a heads-up when your candidate has completed the Onboarding process and the Placement has been approved? There’s an alert for that!

New Support Help

Have you noticed a bug or do you need some help? Maybe you have a brilliant idea for a new feature? Use the Contact Support button located in Settings to let us know!

How to Get the Update

Lastly, you’ll need to verify that you’re on the newest version of Staffing Engine Chrome Extension to ensure you have access to all of our newest features!

If you’re not sure which version you currently have installed, follow these steps:

  1. In Chrome, select Window, then Extensions
  2. Confirm that Developer Mode is toggled on
  3. Look for Engine Alerts and check the release number
  4. If the version number is different than 0.2.4, click on Update

Stay tuned for updates including what we’re working on to accelerate your recruiting process with the newest generation of AI! 

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