Introducing Staffing Engine Meetings: Qualify and Book Meetings 10x Faster

Andrew KimmellMeeting Booking, Recruiting Acceleration

Finding qualified candidates and getting them moving into your recruiting process is the primary goal of every staffing firm. 

But when a candidate or client has worked up the interest in contacting your firm and they look up your website, there’s one main problem.  

They’re forced to fill out a form and wait for a follow-up before getting to talk to someone. And then your recruiters and sales reps have to rely on email and phone-tag for every task, which generally creates a slow and frustrating experience.   

What if you could qualify website visitors and book meetings 24/7? 

With Staffing Engine Meetings, you can do just that by delivering qualified candidate meetings automatically to your recruiter’s calendars. No more waiting for next steps and no more endless back and forth to find a time that works.  

Book Meetings 10x Faster

In the past, you had to rely on the old website conversion process. The visitor would fill out a website form, someone on your team would be notified via email and follow up with calls and emails to confirm details and qualify them through to the next step.

But that process could typically take an hour or much longer, especially with busy on-the-go candidates. 

Now with Staffing Engine, you can reinvent the way you convert leads on your website and in your recruiting process by reducing the old manual way of hours or sometimes days, down to minutes with the new accelerated way.

Your website visitors will be able to quickly answer a few questions and choose a meeting time all right from the same chat conversation. 

Book Qualified Meetings Right from your Website

Staffing Engine web chatbots enable you to convert more website visitors and scale the number of inbound conversations that your team can manage. We accomplish this by setting up qualifying questions for candidates and clients to make sure you’re booking meetings that are good opportunities and not a waste of time for your team.    

Depending on how the questions are answered, you’ll be able to choose rules to route meetings to the correct team member’s calendar or shared team calendar to make sure everyone has a good experience. 

Clients are connected with your sales team, and candidates are routed based on the recruiter they were last in contact with or by the routing rules that work best for your team. You can also set up a round-robin distribution to evenly spread the new opportunities over your recruiting team.     

Give Your Entire Team Individual Meeting Booking Links 

Every team member is given their own unique meeting booking links to use in their email signatures, emails, text messages, and other communication. You’ll be able to create multiple meeting invites and lengths for each step of your process. 

Integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook 365, and Bullhorn

Each recruiter will have their calendar connected to Staffing Engine Meetings, allowing them to set working hours and only show available times. 

Once a meeting is booked, meeting invites are automatically sent to Google Calendar or Outlook 365, and confirmation emails are sent to the candidate to make sure everyone joins the meeting.

Staffing Engine will even update the candidate profile in Bullhorn to show an appointment so you can track the meetings booked as a metric for your team.   

More Conversations, More Meetings, More Placements 

As a recruiting leader, rolling out something like this can be overwhelming. Getting everyone set up with their own links, trying to create the routing rules, and integrating with your ATS and website can be tricky. 

The Staffing Engine team is taking a new approach to the problem and combining everything you need here in our Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform to make it much easier to roll out for your firm.    

Here are the 3 simple steps to get started:

#1. Set up qualifying questions and routing rules

The Staffing Engine team will help you design conversations that convert and set up routing rules based on how you’d like to distribute new opportunities.    

#2. Connect team members calendars and create individual meeting links

Each team member will be able to connect their calendar to only how and set up different meeting types and lengths of time. The Staffing Engine Team will do the hard work. For the recruiter, it’s as simple as signing into your Gmail or Outlook account.

#3. Start booking meetings 10x faster

Allow Staffing Engine to book qualified meetings right from your website and let your team use their individual meeting links in communication with candidates and clients.      

Ready to get started with Staffing Engine Meetings and accelerate your recruiting process? 

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