Introducing Staffing Engine Live Chat: Connect with Website Visitors in Real-Time Directly from MS Teams and Slack

Andrew KimmellLive Chat, Recruiting Acceleration

In the past, most companies have treated their website as a billboard. A place to simply put up the basic info and try to impress someone enough to pick up the phone and contact you. 

But today, people won’t pick up the phone or wait for a response to an email form submission. We expect quick answers on-demand or we’ll just move on to the next competitor that’s available with a better experience. 

To provide an on-demand experience means thinking of your website like a virtual store or recruiting event. As candidates and clients walk into your website, your team can be available to greet them by name (if in your ATS database) and start a conversation.

Your website now needs to be a place to connect with candidates and clients in real-time to accelerate the process of getting them into your recruiting funnel.

Live chat with website visitors directly from MS Teams or Slack

Getting your team to adopt another new tool can be hard. Training everyone and getting them to include something new in their routine is difficult. 

That’s why with Staffing Engine Live Chat, we made it so you can connect MS Teams or Slack directly to your website. 

New conversations will come into a live chat channel in your MS Teams or Slack. Multiple team members can be added to the channel to be available to claim conversations. Once a conversation is “claimed” by a team member, it can be managed in a conversation thread and then “closed” to make sure everyone has a good experience.    

Your team can also use the existing MS Teams or Slack apps they already have installed on their computer and smartphones making it even easier to roll out.  

Qualify and route conversations based on location or team 

Live chat isn’t just for support anymore.  It can now be used to accelerate recruiting by asking qualifying questions to filter new incoming conversations and help you place qualified candidates faster.

That means you don’t want to treat every conversation the same way. New conversations are prompted with quick qualifying questions that help ensure your team is having valuable conversations.     

Once qualified, we’ll set up custom routing rules including round-robin to groups, based on location, or even to specific teams (like sales or recruiting or specialty).

Never miss an opportunity to connect

Missed a chat? No worries. With missed chat notifications, you’ll be able to make sure every candidate gets a great experience and follow-up. 

The recruiter will be prompted with a reminder and then once contact has been made they check off the conversation to stay organized.      

You’ll also be able to set business hours for live chat conversations and allow bots to cover the night shift. 

Track and record live chat conversations in your ATS

Now that you’ve opened up the fast lane to connect with more candidates and clients, you’ll want to be sure all these new conversations are being tracked somewhere. After a conversation ends, a transcript will automatically be added as a note to the corresponding profile in your ATS.

Ready to start connecting with more candidates and clients on your website? The Staffing Engine team helps you set up everything you need to get started from qualifying questions to your routing rules based on the structure of your staffing firm.    

You can learn more about Recruiting Acceleration AI and get a demo of Staffing Engine Live Chat for MS Teams and Slack to get started today.

P.S. We’re also working on integrations with Google Chat and Zoom Chat for teams who prefer those tools!