Do You Know Who’s Responding?

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Do you know who’s responding? 

So getting a new company off the ground is exciting and fun. 

You get your website set up your phone numbers and emails set up and your social profiles and you’re ready to connect with customers and grow.

You know but people today have changed their expectations around how they choose companies to work with and they have the information and can research and find a competitor. 

And so, there are a couple of things that people don’t think of. 

Who’s responding to your website visitors is a big one? 

Who’s responding to text messages? That’s a really fun one.

And then who’s responding to social media direct messages? 

So your website being the primary place where you’re getting new contacts, driving people, driving traffic, and we typically see two things when working with people. 

They either have a chatbot on the website they just don’t monitor it. 

Or they don’t have a chatbot and they just use forms. 

If you are relying on forms and that slower process, you’re fundamentally leaving people on the table. 

60% of people want to chat with a chatbot.

All right your phone numbers, so it’s easy to set up a phone tree or a voice message for people that call, but, you know, people don’t like calling that much so for most businesses, they don’t realize that those text messages that are coming on their main number are going to the black hole.

Every number has two endpoints and there’s a phone service endpoint and a text messaging service endpoint, and most people just don’t have the text messaging filled in. 

And so when you text enable a business phone number, it’s really fun to see the whole texts flowing in the ones that are queued up.

Most of the most recent ones and for every business out there that has a 10-digit number on their website should be promoting “call or text us” on that number. 

And some people just think that they can text it so they try. 

So, the idea that every business should have a top-level number that has that “call or text us,” call the action so people can just text it and those texts don’t go into the black hole because you’re able to respond to have either a bot or a person there.

So but then the last one that people don’t really think about a lot is social media, direct messages. 

If you’re spending time promoting your social profiles and spending money on that people direct message you and often there’s just no one there to follow up.

So there are three places people don’t often think about who’s responding and in converting people when they’re interested in engaged.

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