Staffing Engine Music Presents: “Dance Dance Acceleration”

Porter GuggenheimMusic

We’re excited to share our newest playlist “Dance Dance Acceleration” brought to you by Staffing Engine Music! Designed to boost your energy and productivity, this playlist is a fantastic blend of old-school hits and current House + EDM tracks that will make you want to dance at your desk. Whether you’re powering through your workday or just need a musical … Read More

Staffing Engine Music Presents: “JAZZ HANDS”

Andrew KimmellMusic

We’re excited to release our second playlist “JAZZ HANDS” brought to you by Staffing Engine Music!  At first, we were unsure if the team at Staffing Engine would be into the jazz theme. To our surprise, we have a bunch of jazz fans and we curated our favorite tracks here for you.    This new jazz playlist is here to provide … Read More

Introducing Staffing Engine Music: Playlists to Make You More Productive

Andrew KimmellMusic

We’re excited to introduce Staffing Engine Music! Our new series of curated playlists to help you get in the zone for a productive work session.  At Staffing Engine, our mission is to accelerate the recruiting process and increase the productivity of your staffing firm. But sometimes being productive means going beyond AI or software and is just about a good … Read More