The Cash & Burn Podcast with Staffing Engine Co-founder and CEO Ted Guggenheim

Andrew KimmellPress, Recruiting Acceleration

Our very own Co-founder and CEO Ted Guggenheim sat down with Brandon Metcalf, CEO of Place on the Cash & Burn Podcast recently to talk about startups and share his experience with the analog between managing and developing bands and building startups. (Ted worked with bands including Sting and managed The Samples)

Here’s the breakdown from the original post and links to listen are below!

In today’s episode, Brandon interviews Ted Guggenheim, Co-founder and CEO of Staffing Engine, a Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform.

Ted went from the music industry – touring with Sting in the 80s – to working with startups, building a company from 3 to 50 people and $10 Million in ARR.

He talks about the similarities between managing a band and building a company, persisting long enough for that album to hit, or surviving long enough for that product to fit.

Tune in to a great conversation between two passionate founders with a lot of value in store!

About Cash & Burn

The Cash & Burn podcast is a weekly conversation with SaaS founders and senior executives about the challenges of creating and scaling SaaS companies.

Guests share their journey of success and setbacks with a primary focus on how they overcame specific issues that could have ended the company.

Hosted by Brandon Metcalf, CEO of Place and 3x SaaS founder.