3 Ways Recruiting Acceleration AI Helps You Connect with More Candidates and Make Placements Faster

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Let’s face it, The Great Resignation and the move to more remote work have shaken up business as usual and created a tighter job market. This means recruiters are in a race for top talent

Candidates have their pick of staffing firms, and they don’t need to settle if a firm fails to impress them right away. Speed and responsiveness throughout the recruiting process are some of the most important factors for candidates in choosing a firm. 

The majority of job seekers find the recruiting process too time-consuming and are seeking a more modern, streamlined experience. Candidates will navigate away from a lengthy application process or an interaction that they see as a time-suck. If your team doesn’t respond quickly, candidates will move on to a firm that will.

But recruiters are in a bind. They can only respond to so many candidates on their own. It’s counterproductive to push already-busy recruiters to respond faster without the tools they need for success. 

How do you both respond to candidates faster than your competition and free up your recruiters for meaningful conversations with job seekers? 

You do that with a Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform that uses conversational AI chatbots for responsive, around-the-clock candidate engagement. Meeting booking that automatically sets meetings for your recruiters so candidates can get the attention they need. And real-time recruiting notifications keep your recruiters focused and agile, so they never miss an opportunity to connect. 

Here’s how a recruiting acceleration platform can help your firm respond first and ensure no candidate gets left behind.

#1 Scale conversations

In 2021, there was a 49% decrease in applications compared to 2020, meaning that it takes a lot more candidates to fill positions than it used to. So it’s more crucial than ever that recruiters form meaningful connections with as many candidates as possible.

But, you must scale your outreach thoughtfully, or you risk treating candidates like transactions rather than people.

Enter conversational AI chatbots. These intelligent chatbots, powered by responsive machine learning and natural language processing, can field your candidates’ initial questions, point them to the information they need, and even qualify them for you. 

After being qualified by the chatbots, candidates can be routed to a recruiter or team of recruiters to book a meeting or even start a live chat conversation.   

This allows candidates to get immediate attention, no matter when they need it. It also allows your recruiters to focus on meaningful conversations without sacrificing candidate numbers.

Real-time notifications also alert recruiters directly from your ATS to help ensure that they see opportunities the moment they arise in order to respond faster and swarm around getting placements.  

#2 Increase recruiter productivity

As you know, there’s a ceiling to how many candidates your recruiters can manage. Expanding that capacity – raising the roof, as it were – takes more than just productivity hacks. Additional tools like automation and acceleration AI software can help your team generate more hires without burning out.

Automated AI chatbots can act as always-on virtual assistants to your team. Even if candidates reach out to your firm in the middle of the night, chatbots can route them to the information and next steps they need. Recruiters can arrive at work the next morning and find that their list of qualified candidates has literally grown overnight.

But if all those opportunities go to a busy recruiter’s messy inbox, chances are, they may be lost in the chaos. That’s why real-time ATS notifications are important, cutting through the noise to help recruiters focus on candidates who are ready to act. These alerts also help recruiters prioritize the most important actions and remain organized and prompt throughout the recruiting cycle.

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#3 Respond to candidates and clients faster

Your ATS is the source of truth for your organization. It’s where candidate status is updated, where new opportunities often arise, and where your recruiters can gain insight into candidate activity. In contrast, your recruiters’ email inboxes are likely minefields of distraction and chaos, so overloaded with information that it’s difficult to separate the golden opportunity from the spam.

Real-time ATS notifications can keep your recruiters focused and responsive to the most important activity that moves through your ATS. These notifications help:

  • Keep new candidates front of mind for the recruiters who are most available
  • Route information to the proper folks and ensure that candidates get quick, personalized attention from the team members who can best help them
  • Ensure that your recruiters are more responsive so that candidates hear from your firm first

Ready to get started accelerating your recruiting? With a Recruiting Acceleration AI Platform, your team can scale the number of candidates you can reach, beat out the competition, and provide the high level of on-demand service today’s candidates expect.

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