Boost Recruiter Productivity with AI

Discover how our new generation of AI can streamline processes, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, and get the most out of your recruiters.

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AI for Recruiters: Accelerate Productivity Like Never Before

By leveraging the latest in AI technology, Staffing Engine not only enhances the productivity of recruiters but also improves their ability to make more informed decisions, engage candidates effectively, and close placements more efficiently.


Why Choose AI for Enhanced Productivity?

Generative AI

Our Staffing Engine ChatGPT integration gives your team generative AI features allowing you to instantly click and pull a candidate profile and job order to generate a customized candidate write-up in seconds.

AI Lead Distribution

Staffing Engine uses dynamic AI lead distribution logic to route candidate and client leads to the right team member and sends real-time alerts to ensure that they can respond faster to new hot opportunities.

Real-Time Alerts

With real-time alerts from your recruiting process, your team will be constantly directed to the opportunity to take action in Bullhorn, which helps improve adoption, encourage consistency, and increase responsiveness.

Get the most out of your team with Recruiting Acceleration AI

See firsthand how through our case study our advanced Recruiting AI technology has skyrocketed the productivity of thousands of recruiters. 

Case Studies


Horizontal Talent Increases Productivity Turning Hours into Minutes with the Staffing Engine AI Assistant

AI Assistant Case Study

CrossMed Speeds-Up Response Times and Accelerates Time-to-Place with Staffing Engine AI Lead Distribution

AI Lead Distribution Case Study

GQR Healthcare and Staffing Engine Leverage AI to Solve Major Healthcare Staffing Challenge of Automated Lead Distribution

AI Lead Distribution Case Study

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